Friday, March 28, 2008

Thanks to a reader we can add a vision of after to the before.

Seems ok to the Gurn, you would only have to go down the brae to get the bus to work at one of the thousands of jobs that will be available at the airport. No difficulties for the paperboy/girl too, could easily deliver all the lurid details about Nairn that are available in the Highland News these days. This is the type of development we must press for, no one in this type of accomodation would even dream of pouring fat down the drains. Thanks again to one of our readers for their wonderful vision of how the edge of town might look in the years to come.


Shelley said...

Very New England-y, minus the trees:

(in Stamford, Connecticut)

iRight said...

Well Nairn was once dubbed the Brighton of the North, so maybe fitting that the new properties ape 'New England' as we become a popular destination for citizens south of the border?

Graisg said...

Just call the whole thing between Inverness and Nairn 'Globalisation Row'?