South Nairn - some articles

South Nairn – Highland Council Chief Executive had Legal Department interview planning officers over Community Councils’ complaint.
South Nairn Campaigners say "No to Stuart Black's spot" - picture
Tommy Hogg urges Nairn residents to attend South Nairn demonstration 
Mill Road - the new rat run to avoid the Station Brae tailbacks if South Nairn goes ahead?
Friday morning press review - Liz in the Courier
South Nairn - Colin: "I have to say it’s not as black and white as it's painted"
River CC: "It is a matter of grave concern that our views alongside those of the other community councils, between us representing almost 9,500 people in Nairn alone, were misrepresented."
Tommy: “I think it has got to the stage now where we’ve just got to dig our heels in and see what can be made of it.”
Nairn West CC letter of concern to Highland Councillors who will make South Nairn planning decision next week.
River CC – the South Nairn edition – Liz will not be at planning meeting on the 18th due to legal advice
"We have been totally ignored" South Nairn article in the P&J today
Dick Youngson warns Highland Council "all hell" is going to break out if Common Good land transfer is approved tomorrow (Tues)
Local campaigner Joan Noble takes a sharp look at the South Nairn traffic assessment.
South Nairn - Westies and Subbies reply to Director of Planning with some radical suggestions
The Alastair Noble tapes - The South Nairn development 
Michael Green backing plans for demonstration at Inverness planning meeting on the 18th of September
Protestors to take to the streets over South Nairn planning decision – Rosemary: “Now it is time for people power!”
“The whole planning process is little more than a charade”
"Take to the streets" plea - article in today's Courier on South Nairn Decision
Michael Green: "How do we get local democracy? More of a voice here? How do we influence things? "
Local Highland Councillors criticised over South Nairn decision
The wisdom of Iain Bain: "Nairn is no longer in control of its own destiny"
South Nairn Planning mistake - Highland Council Director of Planning apologises unreservedly
Strong community reaction against South Nairn planning decision - the next steps - video of Community  Council meeting
Nairn united and determined to win back democracy - hard hiting speeches at Nairn Suburban CC meeting - demands for a new start.
"The six Nairnshire Community Councils are hereby making a serious complaint about the alleged deliberate misleading of councillors by the planning department of Highland Council."
Monday Miscellany - South Nairn to be debated at the Academy on Tuesday night?
South Nairn houses go ahead - Jimmy Grey asks for review - error made by Planning and Development service
South Nairn Development go ahead - What Laurie said at Tuesday's meeting.
The South Nairn planning decision - Further comment from Liz "In my view the outcome was a fait accompli" and Colin
South Nairn approved - what Colin said at the meeting
"...along with everyone else in Nairn must be shaking their heads in disbelief that we are even considering a development on this scale"
Nairn South planning proposal passed
Nairn South planning decision day

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