Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spate enables counter revolution

The rain has washed away all the seagull shite and the town looks a lot cleaner as everyone comes back to life and emerges into the Thursday morning sunshine. The spate in the river had an unforeseen consequence for the young swans that had taken over the harbour. The older pair had been moping around between the A96 bridge and the Jubilee. Obviously they couldn’t stay in that area with the spate so they went downstream and ousted the upstarts. Seems the older male has a few marks from another battle but he is back in control of the harbour.
A town centre Herring Gull enjoys the Wednesday evening sky clearing to reveal a town with a lot less white streaks per square inch - for the moment, for the moment. Only two days to go to the Habourfest now, an uncontrollable wave of excitement mounts throughout Nairnshire.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's rubbish

A reader writes,
'As another weekend fades into the sunset, the steady drain on batteries can be heard from the tourist's cameras at the harbour as they capture essence of Nairn.

Behind them are the folks back home, and even more immediately behind them are the usual end of weekend over flowing bins. Gulls pick at the chip papers and the wind drags the discarded rubbish into the harbour. Bins are not so pretty to look at but any chance of a few more please Mr Highland Council?'

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On the weed

Seems the battles on the river may not be over. The new residents are resting in the habour, the former residents (the vanquished) are split up. The female it seems is waiting outside the habour and the male is moping about above the town bridge feasting on weed and brown bread (pic above), perhaps getting ready to go back down to the habour for a rematch. It is rather sad and six cygnets are dead as a direct result but nature is nature.

Not a comeback

This is not a comeback, not even a proper gurn.

Showies affected by global warming

The seasons are all mixed up yes and now the final proof. The showies are here. Rumours abound that some folk are upset by all this and are not into 'all the fun of the fair' if it is to be with us all summer long. Oh sod it, let's just turn Nairn into Disneyland!

Do you really like cheap petrol?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Death in the habour - end of 2007's cygnet show before it even started

It seems the resident swans returned yesterday with six cygnets. They were attacked by the 'squatters' and in the resulting battle the young were killed. An eye-witness reports 3 dead cygnets floating in the harbour today and the 'squatters', well they are now the residents. A tragedy and locals and visitors will be deprived of a great show.