Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cllr Micheal Green "100% against" ship to ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth

Nairn West and Suburban CC were briefed last night in the Community Centre by Iain Bruce of River CC on the latest developments concerning the ship to ship oil transfers proposal. Iain encouraged everyone to go to the meeting on Friday and take as many people as possible given the importance of the issue to the local environment. 

Councillor Michael Green stated that he is 100% against the proposal for ship to ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth. 

New Shop on the High Street

Beach and river litter clean-up Sunday 27th November 2016

Deveronvale 2 Nairn 2 - pictures Donald Matheson

Individual images here

Fishertown - it's a whole new generation on the go today

 A few houses on Burnt Island Street and King Street today without power and getting their electricity from generations and cables through the letter box. Holes are getting dug by Scottish and Southern energy to resolve or find the source of the problem presumably. 

Plans for A96 Nairn Bypass set to go on public display

Transport Scotland press release

Following the publication of draft orders today confirming the line of the proposed route for formal comment, a series of public exhibitions will be held, starting in Nairn on 7 December 2016.

Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, Keith Brown said:

“The Scottish Government has given a clear commitment to dual the A96 between Inverness and Aberdeen by 2030 which will deliver around 86 miles of upgraded road between Scotland’s two northernmost cities.

“As part of our ambitious programme we have been progressing the design work for the Inverness to Nairn (including Nairn Bypass) scheme and we are now in a position to publish draft Orders for this scheme – a major milestone in delivering this much-needed improvement.

“Our proposals go on public display from 7-9 December and I would encourage everyone with an interest to visit one of the venues or view the information online. “At the same time we are now undertaking design work for the western section of the route between Hardmuir and Fochabers and hope to let people see our initial options for this section next summer.

“We are working hard to progress the dualling of the A96 which when completed will help tackle congestion, make journey times more reliable and, crucially, improve road safety.”

Monday, November 28, 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Lights, Song and fireworks - thousands of Nairnites seen on the High Street - video

Tremendous community feel about the event organised by Michael Green, Nairn Rotary and the Association of Nairn Businesses. So good to see thousands of people milling about in Rosebank Square and on the High Steet. We should conspire to make huge gatherings down town happen more often!

Friday, November 25, 2016

"Highland Council has washed its hands of major problems faced by homeowners on private housing developments in Inverness and Nairn."

The Press and Journal reports:

"A line was drawn under long-running issues at Wester Inshes in Inverness and Lochloy in Nairn yesterday after pressure on the council to take further action against developers." More here.

Liz MacDonald and Laurie Fraser spoke at this meeting - to hear what they said go to this webcast page click the drop down menu on item 4 and then scroll down until you see Liz's name. 
A report going before the committee stated the following on Lochloy:

"The solicitor acting on behalf of Lochloy Properties Ltd wrote to the Council on the 12/05/05 proposing that a sum of £100,000 be allocated for the landscaping of the common areas within Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 and placed in an interest bearing account in order to purify the relevant planning condition. The agent acting on behalf of the developer would then procure quotations in respect of the landscaping, award a contract and thereafter certify payments and arrange for drawdowns from the interest bearing account. It has been confirmed by the agent that these monies were not lodged and a landscaping contract was not put in place by them. Their understanding was that a formal contract had been set up with a landscaping company when the site was under the control of Kylauren Homes for Zones 1 and 3 and that this information would have been passed to Springfield Properties when they took over the site in 2013. However, they have no knowledge of what the current arrangements are between Springfield Properties and the landscaping contractor. Zones 2 and 4 were subsequently developed by Barratt Construction Ltd who did make appropriate arrangements for landscaping.

To further complicate matters, a number of the development companies involved are no longer trading meaning that planning enforcement action would not have been possible: 

• Lochloy Homes Ltd – company dissolved (last annual accounts 2002) 
• Lochloy Development Co Ltd – company dissolved (last accounts 2003) 
• Courtallam Developments Ltd (trading as Kylauren Homes) – in liquidation.

It is therefore unclear as to what landscaping maintenance arrangements are in place, if any, in all parts of the development.

Another factor which has contributed to the issues at Lochloy is that historically the Council accepted responsibility for the maintenance of landscaped areas within housing developments provided the developer paid an adoption fee. This fee was 18 times the annual cost of the maintenance. However, around the time of the earlier planning consents granted for the Lochloy development, this changed to a multiplier of 40 times the annual cost. As a result, a number of developers refused to pay the increased adoption fee and had to look at different arrangements. Also, the planning condition used to allow for some flexibility on the type of maintenance arrangement required, therefore not all landscaping maintenance was factored and other less robust maintenance arrangements were 16 formed. However, more recently if the maintenance regime put in place was not a factoring arrangement this would be challenged as part of the planning process. "

The Council is very much of the opinion that they have no responsibility for the common areas in question:

"A sample of property title deeds within the Lochloy development was examined by a Council solicitor to establish the maintenance obligations for common areas and who was responsible for these. The title deeds have not been written in a standard manner due to the involvement of multiple development companies and different housing sites have different rules and obligations regulating the common areas. However, it has been clearly established that the Council has no responsibility for maintenance of the common areas within the Lochloy development. This information now answers the query raised by Councillor MacDonald who was seeking clarity on this point."

There's a lot more in this report and to say the Lochloy situation is very complicated is a bit of an understatement. To read all the contents of the report go to this Council webpage, download item four and scroll down to the bottom of page 13 to commence your read.

Just as with the cuts in funding that are on their way for the Community Centre and Sports Club this item will no doubt resonate all the way to the elections in May - only six months to go. 

A little bit lenticular this morning as the good run of sunsets and sunrises continues in Nairn

Click on image to enlarge

Nairn Community Councils mention in National article on ship to ship oil transfers

More here in this article on the National website: "Call for clarity over ship-to-ship oil transfers in Cromarty Firth"

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Proposed ship to ship oil transfers - videos - what two MSPs had to say at Cromarty Rising meeting in Inverness last Saturday (19th Nov 2016)

MSPs John Finnie and Kate Forbes both spoke at the Cromarty Rising meeting at the Old High Church Hall in Inverness on Saturday (19th Nov 2016). Kate Forbes indicated that Marine Scotland would be holding a meeting in the area in the near future. 

Cinema Nairn showing Wild (15) at Community Centre Friday 25th November 7.30 pm

Wild (15)

Friday 25th November
Nairn Community and Arts Centre

Telling the true story of one woman’s heroic struggle to get her life back on track, Cinema Nairn’s film ‘Wild’ on Friday (25th) celebrates the amazing scenery of the Pacific Trail, as well as an unlikely journey. Writer Cheryl Strayed’s life had descended to rock bottom after painful bereavements and relationship breakdowns. At last realising that she was self destructing, she decided to set herself the challenge of hiking the 1100 mile Pacific trail to regain her health and self respect. As a previous couch potato, this was a huge, at times painful and frightening undertaking, and Reece Witherspoon who plays Cheryl, was nominated for Oscar and BAFTA for her very sensitive and realistic portrayal of the highs and lows of the redemptive journey.

More info and trailer here on Cinema Nairn website. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Leopold Street Thunderer "Nothing for Nairn" edition hits the streets

As we go to pixel you still have a few minutes to get your edition from a Co-op near you otherwise you will have to go cold turkey until tomorrow morning. 

Nothing for Nairn then apart from cuts and the Nairnshire gets down to the nitty-gritty as the Community Centre and the Sports Club take big hits.

And there are still massive, massive cuts to come too (23% across the next two years and perhaps even more).
And if there is one thing we are getting our equitable share and more of then surely it is cuts to local services and resources? 

One of our regular readers suggested this evening in a fatalistic fashion: 

"All a ticking time bomb now. Maybe the Gurn could open an online betting service so we can put remaining cash on what service will close first. It’s saying goodbye to a lot of services that’ll never come back. The end of this society as it is."

Meanwhile we received today an e-mail from the Commission for Highland Democracy and it contained the following:

"The Commission on Highland Democracy is an independent body supported by the Highland Council to examine the current state of democracy in the Highlands, and to have conversations locally about the kind of democracy we want to have.

We want to involve as many people as possible in this, and make sure that everyone in the Highlands has a chance to take part. We are doing this through publishing information on-line, through a series of meetings across the Highlands, by issuing press releases, and by contacting regional and local media, to try and get to as many people in as many communities as possible.

Two weeks ago we launched our Call for Evidence. Through this we are trying to collect people’s views on democracy and local decision making in the Highlands, and start a discussion about the future people want in the Highlands, and how this can be achieved. We have already had a good response to this, and the issues are clearing resonating with people across the Highlands. But we want to make sure we are getting to as many people as possible and think you may be able to help with this through your networks and publications.

We issued a press release on the 8th November as this is available here:http://www.highland.gov.uk/news/article/9826/commission_wants_your_views_on_local_democracy_in_the_highlands More information on the Commission is available at our website: www.highlanddemocracy.wordpress.com, and the public Call for Evidence is available here: http://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2YZ788R and attached. Comments can also be emailed to: Commission@highland.gov.uk, or sent by post to: Commission on Highland Democracy, Policy Team, Highland Council HQ, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness IV3 5NX."

It might be hard to argue with any readers who might suggest that there is little point in looking for Highland Democracy for Nairn as they can point to  the headline in the Nairnshire Telegraph to back up their case.

And a big blast for our councillors in the local paper's editorial too: "And it is not a great augury for Nairn's present Ward 19 squad." begins the Editor in the final paragraph, he goes on to suggest: "They might well consider their effectiveness".  A must read editorial too then, the local paper is suggesting that the political division between the Indies and the SNP is not doing us any good. Don't delay Gurnshire, those Nainshires will be flying off the shelves tomorrow morning. 

Cromarty Rising meeting in Inverness on proposed ship-to-ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth - a Nairn perspective from Brian Stewart - video

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cromarty Rising meeting in Inverness on proposed ship-to-ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth - first speaker Jacqui Ross - video

Meeting held in old High Kirk Hall, Academy Street, Inverness - Saturday 19th November 2016. Another meeting will be held in Nairn Coummunity and Arts Centre on Friday 2nd December 2016 at 7 pm. 

Brora 3 Nairn 3 - pictures Donald Matheson

Individual images here. 

Great times for Nairn County FC - 3-3 draw at high flying Brora yesterday

The exciting football coming from Ronnie's team continues to make waves in the Highland League. The club looked in dire straits at the beginning of the season but the spirit at the club is now incredible, everyone is pulling together at every level to produce the best possible from the new circumstances. The town can rightly be proud of how things are going up at Station Park. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cuts to funding for Nairn Community Centre and also Nairn Sports Club discussed at Glenurquhart Road

Third Sector Culture and Leisure Funding was discussed at a Special Meeting of Education, Children and Adult Services Committee on Friday in Inverness. As part of the cuts the Community Centre and Nairn Sports Club will be losing all their funding  in two years time. The webcast of that meeting is here - go to 15 minutes in the video and you can hear Liz MacDonald speak, the leader of the Council responds to her and there is also a contribution from Michael Green. A bit of hope of something changing in the future out of all that or are we stuffed?

Also embedded below is that video, there is a start button in the middle of it and then you'll have to move it forward to 15 mins to see Nairn cuts debated.

Nairn Healthcare News November

The images below are not all that good, apologies for that, an online PDF copy of the newsletter is available here however. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Beach and River clean up - Sunday 27th November - how you can particpate

The Clean-up and litter pick will cover the riverside from the Maggot, possibly as far as Riverside Park, the harbour, the central beach and dunes and possibly also the first stretches of the East Beach and its dunes. Whilst for health & safety reasons only Sailing Club members will work on the harbour, everyone is welcome to attend. Under 16's must be accompanied by adults - hopefully families will come along, maybe groups from scouts and guides etc.

Soup will be provided by the Sailing club.

Every volunteer participating in the Beach Clean will be entitled to FREE ENTRY to the ART IS RUBBISH competition where items found during the clean-up are used to create artwork. There will be two participating age groups: the 16 and overs and the under 16's. The first 15 overall to sign up for the competition will able to attend a free ideas workshop on Sunday, December 4th, where they will see examples of art created from found items and talk through their own ideas.Participants will then work on their pieces at home with the aim of submitting their finished work for a free one-day exhibition at WASPS Links Studio on Sunday January 8th.

There's a great prize for the category winners - a free taster session for all abilities on any size boat (from tiny dinghy to 40' yacht) with the Sailing Club.

Even if you can’t make the day, please do pass on the information to friends, colleagues or family, just in case they hadn’t heard about it and might be interested in going along. We'd be delighted if you'd print off the poster and share it or ask to put it up in your church hall, local shop window or on your club or works notice board.
We’re posting it on Facebook so you can share the details easily with friends and contacts.

What does Nairn Rotary do?

Straight from the Nairn twittersphere

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nairn County FC donate signed shirt to be auctioned off in aid of Millbank Primary following recent break in at the school

If you want to bid for the signed top then head over to the Facebook page Nairn Rocks where the current highest bid is £150. Not interested in the top? Fair enough but  there is also a crowdfunder page set up by a parent of one of the pupils at the school.

Free 1 hour training sessions for Nairn jobseekers starting Wednesday 23rd November

Waxwings are back - full story on Nairn Birder blog

Details about our regular winter visitors here. 

"Teens quizzed about alleged school raid"

More on the Press and Journal site

Highland Council spends over half of its Council Tax revenue servicing debt according to Scottish Greens Report

They are not alone however, according to a Scottish Greens Press Release yesterday:

"Scottish Green MSPs today (16 Nov) published a report revealing the scale of long-term debt being held by Scotland's 32 local authorities - a total of £11.5billion.

In many cases, councils are spending more than half of the money they bring in from Council Tax simply to pay interest on debts including loans from the UK Treasury and private banks.

The Green MSPs are calling for the debts to be written off, so that local authorities can focus their resources on protecting public services.

The report, Local Government Debt in Scotland, uses data compiled by People vs PFI and Debt Resistance UK and shows that some councils are facing up to nine per cent interest rates, finding themselves trapped after taking out high-risk loans from private banks."

Details in the report reveal that Highland Council have a total long term debt of £746,187.00 and spend  54% of Council Tax Revenue servicing debt. 

Scottish Greens press release is here and the report is here. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Giant pylons across the Dava - the future reality for locals and vistors alike?

Plan for pylons across the Dava? Well worth a look this - perhaps some of our very capable and top of the range usual suspects will give it all a browse. If you go to the page linked below you will see the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks preferred route for a line of pylons from Beauly to Kintore. Scroll down the map on that page and you can see a map that shows the route corridor in red. Looks like it is going to go across the Dava somewhere above Ferness.

This observer has long given up taking everything in the papers for the truth but the P&J stated back in May this year:

"Towering 165ft pylons are proposed as part of plans by SSE to “reinforce” its transmission system with a new line stretching from Beauly to Kintore in Aberdeenshire, via the Blackhillock substation in Moray."

If they get the go ahead will they be 165ft high? Can't find anything on the SSEN pages yet.  Anyway read the P&J page here. 

Here is a copy of a press release put out by SSEN yesterday.  And here is a BBC article dated today which shows a map with the preferred route and other routes that were considered.

And a Press and Journal article today written by Iain Ramage states: 

 "SSE’s preferred route for a giant 100-mile from Beauly to Kintore has been branded “environmental vandalism” by a local politician."

Again this P&J article refers to 165ft pylons - you can read that here. 

Mother of pupils at Millbank starts on line funding drive to raise funds to replace items stolen during recent break-in at the school

Louise Alexander, a parent of pupils at Millbank School, has started an online fund-raiser following the recent break-in at Millbank, on the Crowd-funder page she says:

"To raise as much funds as possible to replace all of the items that were stolen from Millbank Primary School"

"Millbank primary school was sadly broken into over the weekend of the 11th of November. We are now trying to raise as much funds as possible to replace all of the items stolen, including several ipads (which are used by some pupils as a form of communication), cameras and money. Any donations would be gratefully received."

Monday, November 14, 2016

Site survey of former Kingsteps quarry complete - suitable for use as an amenity space

Highland Council stated earlier today:

"The Highland Council received the final report from their specialist contractors on the environmental conditions at the former Kingsteps quarry in Nairn this week and the site has been demonstrated as suitable for use as an amenity space.

The former sand and gravel quarry was used as an unregulated local dump and has been informally adopted by locals for dog walking and countryside amenity.

The report completes the Councils investigation into potential chemical contamination at the site, and no public access restrictions are required for low impact activities such as walking.

Due to the presence of asbestos at a depth of 0.5m in one sample out of the 92 collected, appropriate health and safety measures will be a requirement for all future maintenance or ground work at the site.

Staff in the Council’s Development and Infrastructure Service and the Council’s Contaminated Land Unit wish to thank the public for their co-operation during the initial radiological survey and the intrusive site works which consisted of 38 trial pits, 8 hand pits and 6 boreholes for the collection of soil and groundwater samples.

The Council’s Development and Infrastructure Service will now initiate discussions with the Nairn community to identify aspirations for site improvements, particularly in relation to upgrading the path network.

Speaking on behalf of the Nairn Ward, Provost Laurie Fraser said: “This is a good news story for Nairn and in particular the residents of Lochloy who make use of the old quarry. It will allow us, and the community, to forge ahead with landscape and footpath improvements for the area. Hopefully in a few years we will see more use of the land ,but, bearing in mind that it is still a haven for a number of wildlife animals and this we would want to encourage.”

Weekend break-in Millbank Primary School - many items stolen

The following message has been posted on the Millbank School facebook page:

"Weekend Break In

Dear Parent/Carer,
I am very sorry to inform you that Millbank Primary School was broken into at the weekend. Many items were taken such as ipads, cameras and money.
Police officers were at school all morning and have collected evidence and taken statements. We are also in the process of changing locks and evaluating our security systems.
We are all very proud of our school and are devastated at the damage that has been done.

Please be assured that we continue to strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child.
Kind regards,

(Mrs Maria B McPherson, Headteacher)"

Unconfirmed reports on social media earlier today also spoke of vandalism connected with the break in. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Excercise to prevent problems from happening - videos from last week's Nairn Health Promotion Afternoon.

Three videos below. Alan Bulcraig (head physiotherapist at Nairn Hospital) spoke last Wednesday at the Health Promotion event in the Community and Arts centere about the ways we can all exercise to prevent health problems occuring.

The first video features Alan, the second is a preventative medicine health promotion video with some remarkable statistics of how exercise helps us stay healthy - this video was played during Alan's presentation. The third video contains the final session with Alan. 

Ashers Bakery sponsor Nairn County Under-15s

Firhall Bridge gets a clean up from Councillor Stephen Fuller and son

Regular readers will remember the post earlier this weekend with Murd saying how he needed someone to take over his Firhall Bridge leaf clearing duties this autumn as he is waiting for an operation just now and not quite so agile at the moment. Councillor Stephen Fuller and his son have given up some of their weekend to help out and keep the bridge clear of leaves and safe underfoot for walkers.

Nairn 2 Inverurie 3 Pictures Donald Matheson

Individual images here. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Looking for some work this Christmas?

Man of the match Jordan Macrae - we go down 2-3 but what a performance!

The woodwork rattled several times today as County chances narrowly missed their mark - never mind it is a joy to watch the commitment of Ronnie Sharp's rapidly improving side. Jordan Macrae was man of the match - as County Media's Graeme Macleod stated on the club's website:

"There was nothing the Locos could do to prevent Jordan Macrae from crashing home his first goal in County colours in stunning style on 63 minutes. Gregg Main fired in a free kick from just inside the Locos half on the left and the young attacker met it on the volley from 15 yard to leave Mathieson helples!"

Jordan won the man of the match award - the goal illustrated in the video above shows you why - stunning.

Charges for the Links Car Park? Depressing reading in the Press and Journal today.

The P&J has a front page splash about the threat to 100 free car parks across the Highlands where the Council could introduce parking charges. 

Inside on page 2 they state: "Drivers in bigger towns such as Nairn, Dingwall, Alness and Wick would likely feel the brunt but motorists in smaller communities such as Ullapool or Lairg could also be affected. 

A breakdown of car parks that could be hit with charges is outlined on page 3 with "Nairn Cumming Street 64 car". 

No mention of other car parks in the town but who knows it looks like nothing is sacred these days. Perhaps we could see the town centre hit too?

The Gurn believes that charges at the Cumming Street car park would be an attack on Nairn's tourism prospects. Let's not force people away with parking charges, let's stay welcoming to visitors and let them park for free! Locals also like to nip down there and park every time they fancy some time on the beach. This is meant to be a time of localism with powers being returned to Nairn - a central decision to impose parking charges in Nairn would certainly bury that idea!

The article is billed as an "exclusive" so perhaps our local Highland Councillors didn't know about this yet.

Update, there have been suggestions on social media that Highland Council would find it hard to put parking charges on the Cumming Street car park as it is owned by the Common Good Fund - the plot thickens. 

Bridge issues - leaves at Firhall and a potential wire problem for the swans at the Railway Bridge?

Murd needs someone to take over the leaf clearing responsibilities on the Firhall Bridge he tells the Gurn:

"Owing to the fact I am waiting to go back into Hospital for operation to sort out a hernia and not able to remove the leaves off the bridge as I have done over the years. In fact they are now blocking the drain holes and with the frost now upon us the bridge will be become very dangerous.

Hopefully there is some one out there who will clear the bridge.
I don't see the point in asking the Council as will probably get the standard answer NO money for that or be told it is not their responsibility as the bridge is on the education committee books (strange but true still not sorted to proper committee in the year 2016) Lets hope some of the leaf gatherers will under take the job for the safety of those who can get across and up the steps."

And the new fence is up now on top of the Railway Bridge, one of our regular readers contacted us to say that they thought that they might be a potential hazard for the swans. Sometimes the local ones and visitors too, when the territorial punch-ups commence, will take off and fly up the river and over the bridge, this observer has seen this quite a few times over the years. The new railings and wire are grey and might not be seen perhaps by bigger birds. There have been tragedies locally before with swans hitting wires. 

The Gurn understands that the swan mannie is now on the case and has received an e-mail response from Scotrail about a request for bird deflectors to be placed on the railings. His correspondence is now in the system and will be in the hands of the engineers soon.  

One of our photographers from our Boathpark Bureau was able to get a picture of the new wires yesterday afternoon. 
Click on image to enlarge

Friday, November 11, 2016

Harbour Street Stores reopens - good to see the shop back in action!

Stop the ship to ship oil transfers proposed for Inner Moray Firth - important meeting Nairn Friday December 2nd 7 pm

The fight to stop ship to ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth continues - speaker from Cromarty Rising group at Nairn River CC

Unfortunately this observer was late in getting to the River CC meeting on Weds night and missed the speaker from Cromarty Rising but the Gurn understands that she got a very good reception and that following the talk local activists on the CC and others attending the meeting intend to raise awareness of this issue. We'll keep Gurnshire posted on this one as and when we hear more.

In the meantime Nairn West and Suburban CC's Andrew Randerson has written an article on the popular Facebook page "Nairn our town, our Views" outlining what was said at the meeting, the dangers etc and what we have to do if we are going to stop this proposal.

 Please head over to this facebook page and have a read of the article if you have time - this is important for all the communities along the inner Moray Firth  that both enjoy the local environment and rely on it for the tourism sector.

It is also worth mentioning in passing that none of the town's four Highland Councillors were able to attend the River Community Council meeting due to other commitments. The Gurn understands that this is the first time since the new CC was elected last November that there has been a zero turnout by the full time Highland Councillors that represent Nairn. That is a pity because there is a strong school of though in CC circles that Highland Council needs to step up to the mark and offer real opposition to this proposal instead of a "wishy-washy" approach. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Eating Well - the Hungerometer - video from Nairn Health Promotion afternoon 9th November 2016

Christmas Lights Switch on, festive music and fireworks Friday 25th November Nairn - Academy Square Nairn

Here's a video flashblack to last year, perhaps the same sort of thing will happen this time round too. 

Better than Doctor Google! The Nairn Healthcare eConsultation pages - video from Nairn Health Promotion afternoon

At the Nairn Health Promotion afternoon in the Community and Arts Centre yesterday there was a massive turnout of members of the public to browse a variety of stalls from third sector health organisations. Healthy snacks were provided by local businesses and were available along with tea and coffee. 

After an introduction by Jean Pierre Sieczkarek then David Alston (Chair NHS Highland) there was a talk by Dr Adrian Baker about recent developments at the practice, primarily the eConsultation pages now available on their website. In the first video below there is a short session with physio Alan Bulcraig before the talk by Dr Baker. The second video contains some of the Q&A session that followed.

Nairn Health Promotion afternoon - opening introduction by Jean Pierre Sieczkarek then David Alston (Chair NHS Highland) - video

More videos soon, including:

Dr Adrian Baker - Promotion self-help and GP practice website eConsultation
Ann Grant - Eating well now - the "Hungometer"
Alan Bulcraig - Excercise to prevent problems from happening.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Big turnout for the Health Promotion afternoon in the Nairn Community and Arts Centre

Really good turnout at the Health Promotion afternoon in the Community Centre. Lots of good tips for simple exercises, healthy eating etc and advice on how to use new online facilities on the Nairn Health Care website. 

Gurn team recorded a few videos which we will publish in the next day or two (if their quality is reasonable).  

Monday, November 07, 2016

Black Friday - advertise on the Gurn!

Will there be any Black Friday mad offers available at your business on Friday the 25th of November? Will you need extra security to keep the crowds back? You might do if you tell Gurnshire what you are planning. Will shopping insanity come to Nairn? Find out about the Gurn's very competitive advertising rates by contacting info@gurnnurn.com. 

Sunday, November 06, 2016

"Oh what a perfect day" Huntly 4 Nairn 6 Pictures Kenny Macleod

Huntlaidh 4 Inbhir Narann 6 - Sgioba Siorrachd Narann a' libhrigeadh toileachais 's fìor-bhrìgh ioma-fhillte na chois

Bho thaobh neach leantainn, nuair a bhuannaich Siorrachd Narann feasgar an-dè aig Huntlaidh, chuir sin làmh air an Holy Grail. Dh'fhalbh luchd-leantainn Siorrachd Narann gu slaodadh as dèidh a' gheama as dèidh a thàinig an cluicheadairean don ionnsaidh gus a bhuail am basan air an son. Bha iad bruidhinn ri chèile aig deireadh a' gheama - geama a chaidh na fhaoinsgeul fiu's mus robh e seachad. Chan eil na faclan ann, bha e mar gum bidh nach robh sin buileach cinnteach gun robh e fìor, gun robh a h-uile càil a chunnaic sinn mu ar beulaibh air a thachairt ann an dha-rìreabh. “Do-chreidsinneach” sgrìobh Graeme MacLeòid air làrach a' cluba.

An sgioba ùr air a thogail bhon luaithre nuair a dh'fhàg na sponsairean mòra aig toiseach an sèasan an aghaidh sgioba Huntlaidh le ceithir seann “reultan” Siorrachd Narann na bhroinn. Chunnaic sinn dealas agus sraon, an toil amh dìreach a bhith a' cluich son an lèine. Thànaig am barr measgachadh nach gabh ceannaich le airgead a sreub Huntlaidh as chèile. Bha fìor-bhrìgh uabhasach ann – fìor-bhrìgh a bha ioma-fhillte cuideachd. Gach mìle air ar rathad dhachaigh bha sinn fhathast a' toirt a-steach de cho cudromach 's bha e agus abair thusa gu bheil dheagh shunnd fhathast mu thimchioll oirnn sa mhadainn seo.

It football supporter terms yesterday afternoon's 4-6 win by County at Huntly touched the Holy Grail. County fans slowly left the ground  after the players went towards the enclosure to applaud them. Fans spoke to each other at the end of the game – a game that was already legend even before the final whistle blew. Words failed really, it was almost as if we were pinching ourselves to see if what we had witnessed had really happened. “Unbelievable” wrote Graeme MacLeod on the club website.

The new County team rebuilt from the ashes of the departure of the main sponsors just before the start of the season took on a Huntly side that contained four former County stars. We saw commitment and drive, the sheer raw will to play for the shirt; a mixture that money can't buy coalesced into a collective talent that ripped Huntly apart in the second half. It had a multi-layered significance it was awesome. The depth of it all sank in even more every mile of the road home and the shared glow still resonates this morning.  

Huntly 4 Nairn 6 pictures Donald Matheson

Indiviudal images here.

All over for the Fort as a military base then?

It is looking like something that for generations would have been seen as unthinkable is about to be happen -  16 years into this new millennium it indeed seems that we are looking at the end of Fort George as a military base. 


The Campervan debate - advice written for campervaners by a campervan owner on what is acceptable in Scotland

Thanks to the regular reader who pointed us in the direction of an online article entitled "Wild camping in Scotland - camper vans and motor homes". It will be an interesting read for anyone who has opinions on the parking of campervans at the Harbour. Here at the Gurn we have no problem with it,  they seem sensible folk, lots of them family orientated and they have money to spend - let's take it from them if they want to give it to us. 

The article posted in the online site "Wild about Scotland" gives a good perspective from a campervaning point of view. The author acknowledges there can be problems and urges responsible behaviour. An opportunity for Nairn's powers that be to gather some intelligence and work with such folk to ensure we continue to have trouble free campervanning at the harbour?  The article is available here. 

Huntly 4 Nairn 6 Pictures Mashy Young

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Awesome, awesome, legendary scenes at Christie Park today as Nairn seal it with six - video of the moment

What an incredible moment to be a County fan, unbelievable stuff, pinching ourselves at the end as we took in the significance of what we had just witnessed as Ronnie's rebuilt County makes another big wave. Huntly 4 Nairn 6. Match report here.  Drama, elation, the ultimate highs for football fans, all to be had today and the moment the whistle blew this game was already legend. 

A fantastic day for Saint Ninian too as they record a 7-2 win at Newmacher that takes them up to second position in the league. 

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Highland Council to take grass cutting back "in-house"

Amenity Services including Grass cutting for The Highland Council will be provided by an in-house service from the beginning of the financial year 2017/18.

Members of the Council’s Community Services Committee have agreed to establish an in-house operation with a revised management structure and new performance management system.

The current cost of providing grass cutting services throughout the Highlands is £2.393 million, included in an overall Grounds Maintenance budget of £4.2 million.

An options analysis considered by Members identified that grass cutting can be delivered in-house at a similar cost and level of service as outsourcing - with improvements in productivity, and working practices using improved and efficient plant and technology.

Chair of the Community Services Committee, Cllr Allan Henderson said: “Members have unanimously welcomed the decision to re-establish our grass cutting service in-house. I would like to thank staff for the speed with which this report has been brought back to committee for Members’ consideration.

“The decision to provide an in-house service will allow the Council to respond with more flexibility to changing local, national, and council priorities. The new performance management system that will be put in place will also allow better scrutiny and decision making of Amenity Services throughout our region.

“Members also welcomed the potential benefits to local economies from in-house winter services as research has shown that for every £1 spent by the Council can generate £1.64 through employment and supply chains.”

Is there a Francis and Arthur Wood out there in Nairn?

If there is, then there is a wifie in Canada who has contacted us on the behalf of her friend in a nursing home who would like to get in touch with you. Please contact us on info@gurnnurn.com and we can foward the message we have received. 

High Street move

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

"REVEALED: Who bought the former fabrication yard at Ardersier!"

One of our readers advised us last night of the presecne of The Port of Ardersier on the portfolio page of the Derbyshire based company Clowes Developments. You can just about see the pointer that represents the former McDermotts yard on this map here. 

Our reader who gave himself the tag "Land o'plenty" wrote:

Interesting to see who has bought the site. Clowes Development (the CWC Group) a Derbyshire-based privately (family)-owned property investment and development company.

What do they do? According to their website they enable and promote industrial/distribution, residential, retail, and mixed-use developments in various parts of the UK. This is their first and only investment north of the Scottish central belt. Among the claims on their website:

"Our strategic land track record includes the following recent successes:

890 houses and 20 acres of employment land at Castle Donington, Leicestershire
700 houses at Chellaston, Derbyshire
200 houses and 32 acres for commercial/distribution/school use at Dartford in Kent
400 houses and 65 acres of employment/office space at Didcot, Oxfordshire" 

So maybe Anonymous was right? Hooses. Or since it appears that Clowes/CWC Group are specialists in developing giant industrial/commercial distribution centres, perhaps some sort of big warehousing complex?"

It was a bit late and this observer had had a red wine or two earlier in the evening at a prestigious Gàidhlig event in the city of Inverness, headlines had been about a mystery buyer up to then so, a bit confused (even tired and emotional perhaps) this observer fired off an e-mail to the company and went to bed. 

This morning however, the Press and Journal reveals all in an article entiteld "who brought the former fabrication yard at Ardersier". It's a good read folks and is available here. 

Tuesday, November 01, 2016