Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Giant pylons across the Dava - the future reality for locals and vistors alike?

Plan for pylons across the Dava? Well worth a look this - perhaps some of our very capable and top of the range usual suspects will give it all a browse. If you go to the page linked below you will see the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks preferred route for a line of pylons from Beauly to Kintore. Scroll down the map on that page and you can see a map that shows the route corridor in red. Looks like it is going to go across the Dava somewhere above Ferness.

This observer has long given up taking everything in the papers for the truth but the P&J stated back in May this year:

"Towering 165ft pylons are proposed as part of plans by SSE to “reinforce” its transmission system with a new line stretching from Beauly to Kintore in Aberdeenshire, via the Blackhillock substation in Moray."

If they get the go ahead will they be 165ft high? Can't find anything on the SSEN pages yet.  Anyway read the P&J page here. 

Here is a copy of a press release put out by SSEN yesterday.  And here is a BBC article dated today which shows a map with the preferred route and other routes that were considered.

And a Press and Journal article today written by Iain Ramage states: 

 "SSE’s preferred route for a giant 100-mile from Beauly to Kintore has been branded “environmental vandalism” by a local politician."

Again this P&J article refers to 165ft pylons - you can read that here. 


The Wolf said...

The Wolf would never let them go ahead, nor the turbines!

Anonymous said...

The Wolf must like living in the cold and dark then

Anonymous said...

I really think the scaremongering over the A9 "giant" pylons was way over the top.
Some eco-warriors would have opposed railways and tarmac roads as "scars" on the landscape. Reality check please.

Save the Dava said...

Turn off all your devices now and stop using the electric cookers that way if we all cut down we won't need the pylons.

The Wolf said...

The Wolf survived with just his broadsword, a flagon of mead and heat from burning the bones of his enemies. All useful traits in the post-truth world.

Anonymous said...

Surely the pylons will be there to export our renewable energy to England?

Anonymous said...

Page 9 of the SSEN report mentions pylons of 50m height.