Thursday, November 10, 2016

Better than Doctor Google! The Nairn Healthcare eConsultation pages - video from Nairn Health Promotion afternoon

At the Nairn Health Promotion afternoon in the Community and Arts Centre yesterday there was a massive turnout of members of the public to browse a variety of stalls from third sector health organisations. Healthy snacks were provided by local businesses and were available along with tea and coffee. 

After an introduction by Jean Pierre Sieczkarek then David Alston (Chair NHS Highland) there was a talk by Dr Adrian Baker about recent developments at the practice, primarily the eConsultation pages now available on their website. In the first video below there is a short session with physio Alan Bulcraig before the talk by Dr Baker. The second video contains some of the Q&A session that followed.


Anonymous said...

We are fortunate in having as able, industrious and progressive GPs and healthcare as we have. I don't think people appreciate Dr Baker's team as much as they should.

Anonymous said...

well said to the other anon commenter!