Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Road resurfacing on A96 - BEAR consultation falls short by a vast margin says Community Councillor

River CC (in abeyance) Community Councillor Hamish Bain told the Gurn:

"We read on the Gurn a press release from Bear that "Consultation has taken place with local residents in advance of the resurfacing to make them aware of the traffic management arrangements and to minimise any inconvenience." 

As you know we live on the A96 and can assure you that no such consultation has taken place. However this morning the attached was delivered to our postbox.

The letter is dated 22nd August 2019. If this is the implied consultation then it falls short by a vast margin of expected performance by any group let alone a group contracted to a National Government. It is a very poor notification leaving no time for alternative arrangements to be made by or for any susceptible people. There are many very elderly people living in Sutors Avenue and no consideration has been taken for these vulnerable people.

As Community Councillors for this area we are very disappointed in the tardiness shown by Bear and the apparent lack of respect given in publishing the press release without actually having held a consultation as far as we are aware. We have written to Bear asking for clarification on the consultation dates and whom the consultees are. We have, as yet, not received any response directly."

Below is a copy of the letter received by Hamish and his neighbours. 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

£360,000 overnight resurfacing improvements for two sections of the A96 in Nairn starts tonight (25th August) for three weeks

From BEAR Scotland press release: 

Two sections of the A96 in Nairn are set to benefit from £360,000 worth of resurfacing improvements with works scheduled to start this weekend.

The resurfacing improvements will address any road defects in the carriageway, creating a smoother and safer journey for road users.

The overnight project is set to begin on Sunday 25 August and is programmed to take three weeks to complete with the project split into two phases. The project will take place between 7.30pm and 6.30am each night with surfacing improvements due to be completed by 6.30am on Thursday 12 September. The first phase of improvements will take place between Albert Street and Tradespark Road before moving onto improvements between Sainsburys Roundabout and the A939 Junction. No works are programmed for Saturday nights.

To ensure the safety of roadworkers and motorists, a 10mph convoy system will be in place during working hours for both phases of the project. Temporary traffic lights will also be in place during works being carried out at the A939 Junction and Moss-Side Road. All traffic management will be removed during the daytime.

Consultation has taken place with local residents in advance of the resurfacing to make them aware of the traffic management arrangements and to minimise any inconvenience.

Commenting on the improvements, Andy Thompson, BEAR Scotland’s North East Representative, said: “This investment from Transport Scotland will allow us to repair a number of cracks, potholes and other issues which will improve the general condition and safety of this section of the A96 for motorists.

“We’ve taken steps to minimise disruption by carrying out the works overnight and ensuring that all traffic management will be removed out with working hours. Our teams will do all they can to complete the project as quickly and safely as possible.

“We thank motorists for their patience in advance while we complete these works and encourage road users to plan their journeys in advance by checking the Traffic Scotland website for up to date travel information and allow some extra time to reach their destination.”

Real-time journey planning information can be obtained by visiting, twitter at @trafficscotland or the new mobile site

All waste materials and spoil resulting from these road works will be re-cycled in accordance with Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) policies and procedures.

XR Nairn members through in Inverness at Fast Fashion demo

Rebels from the Nairn group and also the newly formed Foress and Findhorn XR groups where through at a demonstration in Inverness yesterday organised by Highlands and Islands XR. 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Awesome scenes as Nairn County beat Brora 1-0 at Station Park to take unbeaten run since start of season to four games

The first three games were away too. Here's how it was at the final whistle. Wonderful times and living the dream today:

Courthouse steeple goes back on tomorrow morning Sunday 25th (weather permitting)

From Highland Council Press Release:

"On Sunday (25th August 2019) it is proposed to crane lift the newly refurbished steeple back on to the top of Nairn Courthouse. This will obviously be weather permitting.

In order to allow crane access to facilitate the lift, the full rear car park will be closed overnight at both entrances from the A96 from 10pm on Saturday 24th August until 10am on Sunday 25th.

Crane set up will take approximately an hour and a half from 07:00 hrs on Sunday 25th with the actual lift likely to take half an hour from 08:30am. For public safety, the High Street will be closed off in the immediate vicinity of the Courthouse for the duration of the lift. Areas adjacent to the Courthouse will also be cordoned off for safety reasons.

The construction works are currently on programme and the public are able to view the various stages of works required at Nairn Service Point.

The works are being carried out by Laing Traditional Masonry, and project managed by the Development and Infrastructure Service of The Highland Council."

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Nairn Academy rebuild any further forward or kicked into the long grass once again? Watch the Highland Council webcast and you decide!

Nairn Academy Rebuild any further forward or kicked into the long grass once again? Watch the webcast and you decide. Click see more to get times on vid where, Liz, Peter and Tom (oor Cooncillors) speak. Here's something from the Highland Council press office:

"Members have, at a special council meeting today, agreed a top priority for the Scottish Government New Schools Investment Programme bid.

Members agreed that the proposed Tain 3-18 Campus project is nominated as The Highland Council’s priority for consideration by the Scottish Government for inclusion in the initial phase of the New Schools Investment Programme with a delivery timescale by the end of 2021.

A second priority will be to secure funding to provide a new campus at Broadford as the Highland Council recognises Broadford as a high priority in the next phase of school infrastructure investment.

Members also agreed that Council will seek to secure funding to provide a replacement school for Nairn Academy through a bid to the further, larger, phase of investment from the Schools Investment Programme, in conjunction with the planned refresh of the Council’s Capital Programme."

Any way folks. Watch Liz MacDonald speak at 16.02 in (Only lip service has been paid to Nairn as a contender).

Peter Sagers at 23.30 (overall I do not feel that Nairn Academy has had a fair crack of the whip).

Tom Heggie at 45.55 (Why did Nairn disappear off a priority list, no one has been able to tell me). Tom sets out the state of the building here, doesn't sound good folks.

Cllr Saggers proposed an amendment towards the end to give more impetus to a Nairn Academy rebuild but he withdrew it when it emerged that changing chacement areas would mean a consultation period that could take 2 years.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

OK for Phone boxes to go? 3 in Nairn, 2 in Cawdor - consultation on BT closure of public payphones

If you have any thoughts on the proposed closures, then links to the consultation pages are available here on the Highland Council website.  The closures in Nairn are in John St, Fraser Park and Boath Park. 
Interesting comment from David Richardson of the Federation of Small Businesses in relation to this topic on twitter. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

What do young people think are the biggest issues in the Inverness and Nairn constituency?

MYSPs Kimberley Brown and Rachel Hatfield want young people to tell them what are the biggest issues in their constituency

"Aged 12-25? Live in Inverness, Nairn or Grantown on Spey? Why not tell your MSYPs what affects you! Filling out this survey will help us map out our local priorities. You can email Kimberley and Rachael anytime: and "

Friday, August 09, 2019

Climate emergency school strikers continue their protest during school holidays

A blether with Eric about the continuing Climate Emergency Friday protest on Nairn High Street, the Global Climate Strike on September 20th and the recently formed Nairn Extinction Rebellion Group.

The Nairn Climate Strikers - "this short documentary has them saying what they feel the world needs to know." Video by Rowen Henderson

"Two boys from the highland beach town of Nairn share their story of being a driving force behind local climate strikes. 

Eric Ness and Dayne Inglis have been prominent figures in the highland beach town of Nairn, dedicating loads of their time to being a huge driving force behind school climate strikes. Worried about the future of their planet and calling for immediate action to be made this short documentary has them saying what they feel the world needs to know."

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Post Office going down the street into McColls?

A Post Office consultation page states: 

"We are proposing to move the above Post Office branch to a new location – McColls Retail Group, 39 High Street, Nairn, IV12 4AG, where it will operate as one of our new local style branches. 

Why are we moving?

We’re proposing this move as part of the ongoing modernisation of our branch network. We are confident that introducing a local style branch alongside a successful retail store is the most effective way to safeguard sustainable Post Office services in the local community into the future."

Here at the Gurn we have some sympathy with a view expressed on one of Nairn's main social media pages:  "Have as much consultation as they want and online surveys it's just lip service As was fate of Harbour St post office this one is now going into Mcolls and nothing will stop it"

Back in December 2009 there was a march down from the Courthouse and a protest in Harbour Street but the authorities didn't listen then - will they listen to anyone now?