Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Post Office going down the street into McColls?

A Post Office consultation page states: 

"We are proposing to move the above Post Office branch to a new location – McColls Retail Group, 39 High Street, Nairn, IV12 4AG, where it will operate as one of our new local style branches. 

Why are we moving?

We’re proposing this move as part of the ongoing modernisation of our branch network. We are confident that introducing a local style branch alongside a successful retail store is the most effective way to safeguard sustainable Post Office services in the local community into the future."

Here at the Gurn we have some sympathy with a view expressed on one of Nairn's main social media pages:  "Have as much consultation as they want and online surveys it's just lip service As was fate of Harbour St post office this one is now going into Mcolls and nothing will stop it"

Back in December 2009 there was a march down from the Courthouse and a protest in Harbour Street but the authorities didn't listen then - will they listen to anyone now? 


Paul said...

Bloody hell, that's not a big shop: people will be queuing out of the door!

Anonymous said...

It would be better at Morning noon and night. At least you can get parked!

Anonymous said...

That is going to be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Understand the commercial reasons for joining forces to cut overheads - its just a sign of the times, having been stood the queue at the post office on several occasions the much smaller McColls store would appear to be unfit for purpose. Perhaps Strachans would be a more suitable premises for a joint post office/papershop?
At least the post office is staying in the town - maybe if the banks had used the single premises model to cut overhead costs then we might have more banking choice in the town than what is currently on offer...

Anonymous said...

Beggar's belief - There will need to be a big layout change and refit. S'Prised the Co-op didn't bag it for their main King St Store.

The only bonus is that it is a little more central BUT that will have a knock on effect on the premises the Cawdor end of town.

Could be a toe in the water to guauge opinion and see what else is suggested, I note that this is the 2nd time in a year this subject has popped up!

The JACOBITE said...

Well if they will be queuing on the pavement that will satisfy those who want foot fall on the high street and make it look busier???