Sunday, July 31, 2005

Legion rumours

A rumour is spreading around Nairn this weekend that the Royal British Legion Club is to close. Surely no truth in that at all?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Nairnshire still in line to be dismantled.

The Boundary Commission seem determined to push ahead and cut off Cawdor from Nairnshire and throw that area in with Smithton, Balloch, Culloden and Ardersier. Effectively this will be the end of the historic unit that made up Nairnshire. Provost Sandy Park is quoted in the press as saying, ‘It’s now up to the public to stand up and be counted.’ It will be interesting to see however if there is the stomach to put up a fight. A lot of people have moved into the Nairn and Cawdor areas in recent years and they might not be so willing to defend a Nairnshire identity and perhaps look towards Inverness for their employment, pleasure and shopping activities. This could be the tipping point where if no one puts up a struggle, then Nairn gets swallowed up once and for all in the new Inverness mega-city consciousness.
Cawdor Post Office and Village Stores - Changing boundaries soon?

Inverness city centre shops closing.

Anguished sounds from Inverness as more shops close due to the alleged effect of the ‘out of town’ super stores. I doubt if many in Nairn and other small communities in the area will be too concerned for them. It’s all coming home to roost now, not too many in Inverness spared a thought for how the ‘Golden Mile’ and other super stores would change the economies of the small towns for ever, now we are supposed to be concerned as the same thing happens to the very centre of Inverness itself.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Fundraiser to start tour at Station Park

An exiled Wrexham fan from Inverness is about to attempt to visit every footbal ground in Britain to raise money for a charity called Ataxia UK. ( In 1993 he was diagnosed with a progressive, genetic disease known as Friedreich's Ataxia, which has confined him to a wheelchair) His tour will start at the Wee County's friendly with Forfar at Staiton Park on July 23rd. For more information visit Tartan Red on Tour

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Public transport too costly?

This blogmeister had occasion to travel on a Citylink bus from Edinburgh to Inverness on Saturday; just walking into the bus station in the capital 35 minutes before departure and purchasing a single ticket for £4.00. Not a bad price considering the distance. On arriving at Inverness I had to only wait 5 minutes for a bus to Nairn but that was to cost £3.50 or a single to travel the remaining 16 miles or so of the journey.
I realise there are issues of competition etc on the route to Edinburgh but does the comparison in price and distance show that there is some room to cut the price of bus journeys between Nairn and Inverness?

River Rage?

iright reports: River rage
The hot weather has seen scores of young people take part in the time honored tradition of jumping in the river Nairn. Generations of Nairnites have enjoyed cooling off in the tranquil waters, however past youngsters would have found the river deeper than it is now. Favourite spot for this activity is the east pier. Here lies the problem, for the east side of the river is also the deeper water for leisure boats coming into and leaving the harbor. A 'sport' for some of the young loons is to swim out to passing boats. Skippers and captains are rightly concerned for safety, as beneath each vessel is a moving propellor. Not sure as to what the answer is. All have a right to use the river, adult supervision would take away the fun but no-one wants to see an accident happen.

Impending chaos?
The new tarmac on the west end of the A96 in Nairn has had a visit from the pre-road marking gang, so expect gridlock any day now when they come to paint permanent markings on this stretch of road