Tuesday, July 12, 2005

River Rage?

iright reports: River rage
The hot weather has seen scores of young people take part in the time honored tradition of jumping in the river Nairn. Generations of Nairnites have enjoyed cooling off in the tranquil waters, however past youngsters would have found the river deeper than it is now. Favourite spot for this activity is the east pier. Here lies the problem, for the east side of the river is also the deeper water for leisure boats coming into and leaving the harbor. A 'sport' for some of the young loons is to swim out to passing boats. Skippers and captains are rightly concerned for safety, as beneath each vessel is a moving propellor. Not sure as to what the answer is. All have a right to use the river, adult supervision would take away the fun but no-one wants to see an accident happen.

Impending chaos?
The new tarmac on the west end of the A96 in Nairn has had a visit from the pre-road marking gang, so expect gridlock any day now when they come to paint permanent markings on this stretch of road

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Graisg said...

Sympathies would mainly be with the jumpers I think iright. As you mention this tradition has been going for a long time: long before the harbour was full of pleasure craft. Most folk would tend to be dismissive of the sailors even given the safety concerns.