Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Public transport too costly?

This blogmeister had occasion to travel on a Citylink bus from Edinburgh to Inverness on Saturday; just walking into the bus station in the capital 35 minutes before departure and purchasing a single ticket for £4.00. Not a bad price considering the distance. On arriving at Inverness I had to only wait 5 minutes for a bus to Nairn but that was to cost £3.50 or a single to travel the remaining 16 miles or so of the journey.
I realise there are issues of competition etc on the route to Edinburgh but does the comparison in price and distance show that there is some room to cut the price of bus journeys between Nairn and Inverness?

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Nairn said...

One-way flight
Public transport costs in the UK are high compared to most of our European neighbours, but I would agree £4.00 for a trip covering several hundred miles, compared to 16 seems a bargain. Mind you I can currently book a flight
to London Gatwick from Inverness for £3.59!
I am about to venture along the Caledonian canal (on the water)
for which I will pay nearly £200 for a return ticket, this is taking my own transport (If I can ever get past the Nairn river loons :-)
Unless we lower the cost of public transport and improve the service folk will not leave their cars. Build more roads and canals is what iSay