Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nairn Gaelic Folklore

Thanks to one of the services offered by Google I was able to upload a word doc and turn it into a webpage 'just like that'. It isn't perfect but it is easy enough to read and as of yet I can't understand why the pics won't load. Anyway the purpose of this document is to show how much Gaelic has contributed to the history of Nairn and how much it is still very much a living part of the town's heritage. Please follow the link if you have a few moments .

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

See the Eco-cludgie! - Nairn Allotments Open Day: Sunday 12th August

Nairn Allotments Society
Comann nan lotaichean Inbhir Narann

Open Day Sunday Aug 12th 2007 1030 to 1630
Latha fosgailte Didòmhnaich Lùnastal 12mh 1030 gu 1630

There will be guided tours of the allotments and maybe event the chance to use the eco-cludgie. (as seen on TV – the Beechgrove Garden programme).
The allotment society have permission from the Highland Council to use the Sandown field next to the plot for parking and stalls. It is a big area and if you have an interest group or a business that is concerned with ecological issues you will be very welcome. Some stalls will be available or maybe you have your own anyway. All the society wants is a donation or a share of your profits – whatever you feel it is worth. This is about awareness of food and ecological issues and yes, mainly to promote allotments – there aren’t enough of them in the inner Moray Firth area or anywhere else – when it no longer is so easy or cheap to fly in food out of season from all over the world there will be plenty of need for more allotments!

Why not come along and do something interesting, something weird or just something wonderful. Bring your merchandise, your music, your friends, your dreams, your wallets, your veggies, your plants and your sandwiches.

Let’s get the message across – all welcome – Bidh fàilte agus furan air a h-uile duine.
Contact mailto:cliff.hickman(naespam)@dsl.pipex.com
(just take out the naespam) if you want to come along to the open day