Tuesday, June 21, 2005

On our way to winter now

Solstice finishes, the wheel has turned ha! ha! Do you get the feeling that the best is still to come this year.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Queen Mary II

Iright witnessed it:
'Hundreds of folk congregated on the bankie and at the harbour to watch the liner Queen Mary II leave the Firth after a stop at Invergordon yesterday evening. Local boats also made the journey across the Firth although one airborne photographer said he was horrified that some folk had crossed the Firth from Nairn on jet skies. Guess it makes a change from them going round in circles off the beach! I think most folk enjoyed the pleasant evening weather and the chance to see the ship. '
Bill took a pic and it can be seen on his blog.

Work to rule over

Services return to normal at the cleansing department as an agreement is reached between the operatives and Highland Council. A new contract would have meant many local council workers losing out heavily in their wage packets.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Pssst want to buy a 'Snapdragon 26 Sailing Boat'

Local boat for sale so it seems. Seller states: 'Will arrange for local pickup only (no postage).'

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A dull day so still inside, went surfing again and landed on Chicken Yoghurt. A usual stream of thought-provoking material was to be found such as.
'New Labour were re-elected with a majority of 67 by 22% of the electorate.' and 'The government demonstrably hates the public and the public don't care. New Labour have learnt that it can ride out any scandal of any magnitude by simply waiting for the press and public's attention spans to elapse.' is another of CY's many takes on life as it continues under Blair. Well worth a visit.

More Rubbish

Iright's box is brimming over:
'For the 2nd collection week in a row, our paper and tin box has not been emptied. Not just us but neighbours as well. Maybe it was the cardboard I once put in? Our new recycling centre at Park Quarry will hopefully open soon, and then I can drive the few miles with my paper and tin box myself. Looks to me though as it could be a potential traffic hazard. Entering the new depot coming from Nairn is not too bad, left turn then a downward gradient, but returning to Nairn from the depot means a right turn with a limited view to the left, for there is a sharp bend. If you are none too quick or are pulling a trailer better beware. But maybe our council will spot this and curb the 60 m.p.h. on this section of road. The quarry could prove an excellent point for the new supermarket with the added bonus that we could dump our rubbish at the same time as shopping – two journeys for the price of one. How green can you get?'
The Gurn has heard that industrial action is taking place Iright and a good old-fashioned 'work to rule' is taking place. Nothing like a bit of the old-time religion, is there?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A good read

I usually have a look at the new entries coming onto the Scottish Blogs list and one of the latest is well worth a look: Maidenkirk to John o' Groats.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Fortress Nairn

Iright reports:
'Never mind the G8 summit, I have tried to make my home impregnable to the host of right wing, late night, sales, cloaked by 1471, nuisance telecommunications callers and have to admit defeat. At present it is not illegal to dial a random phone number, state to the caller ‘you have won a prize, call me back on xxx number’. Should you call back you may get charged several pounds a minute and you might also win a plastic bracelet rather than the promised world cruise. No laws broken in the UK at present. Should you too be scunnered with such callers complain to: 0800 500 212 (free call business hours) Or log onto:
And return the .PDF form If you have won the cruise I suggest you send the Gurn a postcard
P.S. Understand Queen Elizabeth may be seen off Nairn this weekend on her way to Invergordon (this is the boat not the woman herself (as far as I know))'

It’s Rubbish in Afghanistan

Doza Trots with another gurn from Kabul:
"Next time you pass a quiet lay-by full of discarded fridges and carpets, don't just gurn to the council. Spare a thought for all Afghans. They have their own semi-permanent living countrywide military museum providing aid workers with interesting picture opportunities and local children with huge themed adventure playgrounds. You should also marvel at Afghans ingenuity in recycling - tank tracks for speed bumps, gun barrels for guttering and shell cases for roofing, to name but a few."

Monday, June 13, 2005

Pie eyed and saltless

Iright informs fellow citizens that: Nairns latest pie shop opens on Saturday 18th June (9.00 am case be you want to start a queue the night before). The Pie Shop has 22 varieties, pies made on premises and claiming to have healthy options, low fat, no salt

A Gurn from Kabul:

Nairnite and UN worker ‘Dosza Trots’ writes for the Gurn:
'Reading about the housing issue engulfing Auldearn, the lack of consensus sought from the residents, and the pictures of the tented social alternatives proposed, I was prompted to share with you the life of the nomadic Kuchi tribes of Afghanistan. Caught in a medieval time warp, during the summer months they still roam the mountains and plains with their colourful clothing, sheep herds and camel trains for transport. They pitch their tents where the grass is greenest and their children have real tanks and landmines to play "soi-ders" with. Sights I never thought I would see when sitting in Mr Leslie's georgraphy class. I am sure the Kuchi's would love to share with you their frustrations when it comes to lack of consensus. They simply get moved on. I will watch with interest to see how things develop in Auldearn. Do they still serve nice Sunday lunches at the Lion Hotel?" Dosza Trots, UN worker, Kabul'

Hypocrisy and double standards of the 'media'

Nurngirl has a complaint:
Are the latest batch of articles which have appeared and multiplied in the ‘media’ regarding the murder which took place in Nairn last year yet another example of the ‘media’ creating a ‘news’ item. Most of these articles express righteous indignation about the plans of an artist to create a picture from a scene which was photographed outside the house and the impact that this will have on the family. Surely the ‘media’ are as guilty of causing ‘anguish and torment’ as the artist concerned especially when many of them reproduce the image that he enquired about? They have members of the police force making comments to this ‘story’, and also appear to have approached members of the family for comments.

By running with this ‘story’ they have created ‘news’ which adds nothing to the case being solved and must continue to cause the very ‘distress’ which they accuse the artist of doing to the family. My gurn is not to highlight what the artist involved was going to do with the image but to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of the ‘media’.

Protecting the Scottish Countryside

A subject well out of Nairnshire but appearing in the P&J letters column today is a fine piece scripted by a certain Tony Taylor of Stonehaven. He gives his impressions of driving past Auchterarder and Gleneagles just now. Miles and miles of double security fences it seems with guard posts and watch towers, cameras etc, etc.
Tony says:
I don’t know how much this is costing but we, the general public, can take comfort from the fact that the police and the army are doing all they can to contain these dangerous people, and prevent them from escaping into the Scottish Countryside.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Congratulations to the Provost

The Gurn has heard a hot rumour that it is now Provost and Mrs Provost. Congratulations and all the best for the future, Mr & Mrs Provost.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

More dissent in Auldearn

A resident in the village of Auldearn told me that there was a lively public meeting this week with lots of folk expressing their concern about the consultation process and planning issues. He told me that most people feel that the proposed development is too big for the village and several residents feel like carrying their concerns further. No doubt the Nairnshire will have a bit of info on this one. There could be a bit of a battle to come here too.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Mega-City resistance movement begins?

Quoting the Inverness Courier here citizens but it seems that those involved in local democracy just off the A96 down at Ardersier feel that something is amiss with the plans for an instant 10,000 new community between them and the existing traffic jams.
‘Ardersier and Petty Community Council claims a consultation exercise failed to mention any prospect of a new community of up to 10,000 residents between Tornagrain and Drumine and instead focused on expanding existing settlements.’
You get the drift of their concerns with that wee paragraph. The Invernessian dead wood bi-weekly goes on to quote Community Councillor Jim Brennan:
‘This process is very, very, wrong and should stop now until proper public consultation can be carried out.’
Just can’t help feeling that in this day and age consultation is becoming more and more of a dirty word. Anyone out there think that you get consultation and then you get what the authorities want?
Another interesting point was made deeper in the depths of the Courier, Ruairidh Macilleathain wrote in his Gàidhlig column:
‘Tha an talamh anns an sgìre sin gu math torrach agus nach bu choir dhuinn a bhith a’ togail thaighean far nach cailleamaid a leithid de dh’ fhearann? No nach eil torrachas an fhearainn a’ cunntadh airson mòran nuair a thig e don airgead mhòr a tha an lùib taigheadas?’
Translation:The land in that district is very fertile and shouldn't we be building houses where we would lose such land? Or isn’t the fertility of land counting for much when it comes to the big money that is involved with housing?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Danny Alexander MP a busy young loon.

Our new MP has been asking questions, seems while Gaelic television receives £8.5 million each year, the Welshequivalentt gets a mere £92.217 million. Full question and response here.
He also submitted another written question
'To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what discussions he has had with the Chancellor of the Exchequer on financial measures to relieve the burden of fuel costs in remote and rural areas of Scotland.'
The reply was rather short and can be seen here.
The busy brand new MP also got a couple of chances to speak. You can keep up to date on Danny Alexander here, even get e-mail alerts when he does anything.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Heading out on the highway?

The Gurn notes that a senior Highland Councillor, Bob Wynd, is calling for a motorway linking Inverness and Aberdeen, no messing about with a fiddly little dual-carriageway for him. Looks like the Gurn’s tongue in cheek call for a super-highway along the seafront doubling as sea defences may become a reality yet.
How about some cheaper public transport while we are waiting for these miracles to arrive: you never know it might cut the numbers on the road. And how about some decent jobs in Nairn, so that everyone doesn’t have to join the morning exodus west if they want to try and earn some decent money?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Auldearn housing scheme scandal: the truth emerges

The Gurn has been following the complaints coming from Auldearn about the council holding meetings ‘in camera’ concerning proposed housing schemes. There seems to be a growing loss of confidence in the planning process per se in this part of Nairnshire. So under the guise of visiting the annual St Colm’s fair we sent an undercover reporter to investigate and he too came away shocked by the contempt being evidenced towards the planning process and was also unimpressed by the new housing. No wonder the citizens of Auldearn are up in arms! This is what happens when ‘social housing’ is allowed in the neighbourhood.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sandy's sizzling sausage satisfaction

All this talk about pies masks the fact that the Provost knows a thing or two about sausages. Here he is doing the biz out in Auldearn last Saturday. If only a few more politicians could learn to live with a little less gravitas like our Sandy!
Sin thu fhèin Phrobhaist, sin thu fhèin

Message from the Basa

The Basa (EdinburghSucks.com) writes to assue Rhys that he didn't snap up any Rhys domains.
Not up to speed with this read:
Edinburgh Council mandarins in blogger bother
The Basa also assures us he is not American. Might be worth watching this
site for interesting developments? I certainly think so.
Today the Basa offers on his site:
In the interests of being good citizens we are willing to hand over all domains owned by EdinburghSucks.com at no cost (i.e. FREE) to the City of Edinburgh Council to further the city’s branding effort. There is now one final condition:
That Interbrand, they agency who neglected to register the domains and who have earned so much of the £880,000 donate at least ONE PERCENT of that amount, £8,800, to the Patients Fund at the Fillieside Section of Findlay House, formerly Findlay Ward, Eastern General Hospital, Edinburgh.
Sin thu fhèin Bhasa, sin thu fhèin

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A suitable twinning partner for Nairn?

Iright shares his research:
Pie mania is hitting the Gurn. I suggest a town twinning with
http://www.pietown.org/ Maybe we could offer exchanges and even send our Provost on an all expenses paid fact finding mission? The possibilities are endless, recipes, links, tastings etc. Maybe Nairn could become Pie Town of the Highlands?

Call for Nairn to participate in 'World Jump Day'

Local resident PB is urging Nairn to mobilise for 'World Jump Day' she has e-mailed the gurn and urges us to perpare for this potentialy marvellous opportunity. An attempt to stop global warming by putting the Earth into a new orbit with millions of people jumping at the same time
'World Jump Day'
Any one up for a jump?

Friday, June 03, 2005

Stealing the show

This blogger was a bit worried when he only saw six young ones from a distance but there was no need for concern at all, seven of seven was enjoying a wee respite. The sun was shining and it was quite warm, the river was high after overnight rain but the current wasn't strong enough to trouble Nairn's favourite family. A great day but rain again tonight, must have been what some of the roses were waiting for, they came out today.

Nairn Pie Holy Grail

This is it: when in Rome... Some say Sandy has his fingers in too many pies but I'm having none of it, just look at this wholesome selection!

Making fantasy money out of the Gurn

I don't quite understand this but someone is making fantasy money out of us!
It's all happening on
Blogshare: seems our stock is on the rise.

Mega-city Nairn: a warning from California

A regular visitor to Nairn is alarmed by the recent proposals released to the press and has put fingers to the keyboard and written to the Gurn.

'While I would never be against a bit of progress for Nairn I must say when I read in the Scotsman about these newly planned "towns" I raised an eyebrow and pursed my lips. Unless careful attention is paid to the goings on this whole area will be the LA of the North. Totally unacceptable. They try to pack as much into the smallest amount of space to make a bit more money. Never ever think for a moment that reasonably priced housing with any space around you at all is even the most remote consideration by professional builders. The houses will probably not even fit into the cultural style of the Highlands. I am not against progress but the devil is always in the details....'

Centigrade reporter iright comments:

Our columnist says:
'As readers may see from the last Blog photo, the weather in Nairn has not been too seasonal of late. There is no getting away from the fact that our weather is changing (or is it that Graisg has a copy of Paint shop Pro!)
gives some indicators that don't look too good. And if we have to cover young plants from frost in late May what hope is there for a reasonable growing season? Guess we will just have to eat pies as these are made rather than grown I believe.'

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wae ate all the pies?

Iright on the pie trail again:
'There could soon be be more shops on the High street in Nairn selling pies than there are charity outlets. Changing times, you soon won't be able to support your local charity unless they switch from 2nd hand goods to that of selling pies. Maybe they could get hold of seconds and sell the slightly bashed pies at a knock down price. PP (Provost Pies) seems favourite at the moment but who knows how long Sandy will remain flavour of the month. AKA Pampered Pets could open their doors at any time, and for pie lovers the roll down the hill to the shop could be a blessing. I am sure the local taxi firms could offer a service to drive you back up the street. Rumour has it that the Big Issue is to become The Big Pie, meanwhile for those who can't wait till their next fix of pasty check this site out (warning: explicit pictures of... pastry)
enjoy the songs '

'Ghost ship' firm for Nigg?

Iright keeps an eye on the environmental front line:
'Seems ironic that in the same year that we are given recycle bins by Highland Council to improve the environment, a UK company wants to buy the fabrication yard at Nigg to dismantle US ships. The same company having failed to obtain permission to carry out this demolition in England due to real concern about the pollution it would cause: here is the Beeb report that iright has read.
Nigg is not Nairn, but is in our back yard with regard to air and sea pollution. We share the waters of the Firth. Why is it that recent interest in both the Ardersier yard (Incinerator) and Nigg (Submarine disposal) would offer little to our communities albeit some jobs but at the cost of pollution. Can the Highlands not attract some renewable energy industry rather than the dregs that no-one else wants? '

Edinburgh Council mandarins in blogger bother

The Scotsman reports:
'THE agency behind Edinburgh's new advertising slogan "Inspiring Capital" has been left red-faced after an aggrieved resident snapped up the internet site with the same name.
Instead of reading about the city's attractions, anyone logging on to
www.inspiringcapital.com finds a tirade of abuse levelled at senior Edinburgh councillors.
The offending website carries the catchphrase "Looking for Inspiration? Not here dude". '
The domains are now owned by EdinburghSucks.com and the blog states:
'EdinburghSucks.com does own the domain names inspiringcapital.com, inspiringcapital.co.uk, inspiring-capital.com and inspiring-capital.co.uk. We have these registered in our name and are more than willing to hand them over to the city fathers, at no cost to the city.'
Oh don't you just love the blogosphere. Read about this today thanks to looking at Independence

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A city called Nairn

Iright is becoming alarmed by the numbers proposed for new towns and villages in our area. The beeb has it all here. He says:
'OK, I'm not normally a NIMBY, but this news makes me feel as though I'm about to start living in a city rather than a town called Nairn! '
I share your concern iright having seen the mess that Inverness has become. I think we are about to see the same mistakes all the way along the coast to Nairn and beyond and behind. Is this a real plan for the future or just a knee-jerk reaction to demand from people that want to come and live here? Would it not be easier just to draw lines around a few fields and trees that would be kept for parks and sports fields and perhaps allotments!
'Councillors will be asked on Monday to support the A96 corridor proposals and agree on funding to further examine the plans. ' Any chance we might get to have our say first, or will the 500 strong army that wrote letters to demand Viewfield be left alone have to reach for their biros and keyboards again?