Thursday, June 02, 2005

'Ghost ship' firm for Nigg?

Iright keeps an eye on the environmental front line:
'Seems ironic that in the same year that we are given recycle bins by Highland Council to improve the environment, a UK company wants to buy the fabrication yard at Nigg to dismantle US ships. The same company having failed to obtain permission to carry out this demolition in England due to real concern about the pollution it would cause: here is the Beeb report that iright has read.
Nigg is not Nairn, but is in our back yard with regard to air and sea pollution. We share the waters of the Firth. Why is it that recent interest in both the Ardersier yard (Incinerator) and Nigg (Submarine disposal) would offer little to our communities albeit some jobs but at the cost of pollution. Can the Highlands not attract some renewable energy industry rather than the dregs that no-one else wants? '

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