Monday, June 13, 2005

Pie eyed and saltless

Iright informs fellow citizens that: Nairns latest pie shop opens on Saturday 18th June (9.00 am case be you want to start a queue the night before). The Pie Shop has 22 varieties, pies made on premises and claiming to have healthy options, low fat, no salt


Sleepy said...

I've been wondering about the sausage roll situation up in Nairn. We've all heard lots about the pies, but we've also seen your esteemed Provost cooking sausages. Can he combine the best of both worlds at the same heady heights of success? Or does he have an arch-rival?!

Graisg said...

Ashers (the bakers) is the Nairn Mecca for sausage rolls and the home of the custard slice and the even sillier 'Jap cake', there is a thread somewhere about that I think. Must look but feeling knacked now.
Oidhche mhath