Thursday, June 16, 2005

More Rubbish

Iright's box is brimming over:
'For the 2nd collection week in a row, our paper and tin box has not been emptied. Not just us but neighbours as well. Maybe it was the cardboard I once put in? Our new recycling centre at Park Quarry will hopefully open soon, and then I can drive the few miles with my paper and tin box myself. Looks to me though as it could be a potential traffic hazard. Entering the new depot coming from Nairn is not too bad, left turn then a downward gradient, but returning to Nairn from the depot means a right turn with a limited view to the left, for there is a sharp bend. If you are none too quick or are pulling a trailer better beware. But maybe our council will spot this and curb the 60 m.p.h. on this section of road. The quarry could prove an excellent point for the new supermarket with the added bonus that we could dump our rubbish at the same time as shopping – two journeys for the price of one. How green can you get?'
The Gurn has heard that industrial action is taking place Iright and a good old-fashioned 'work to rule' is taking place. Nothing like a bit of the old-time religion, is there?

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