Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wae ate all the pies?

Iright on the pie trail again:
'There could soon be be more shops on the High street in Nairn selling pies than there are charity outlets. Changing times, you soon won't be able to support your local charity unless they switch from 2nd hand goods to that of selling pies. Maybe they could get hold of seconds and sell the slightly bashed pies at a knock down price. PP (Provost Pies) seems favourite at the moment but who knows how long Sandy will remain flavour of the month. AKA Pampered Pets could open their doors at any time, and for pie lovers the roll down the hill to the shop could be a blessing. I am sure the local taxi firms could offer a service to drive you back up the street. Rumour has it that the Big Issue is to become The Big Pie, meanwhile for those who can't wait till their next fix of pasty check this site out (warning: explicit pictures of... pastry)
enjoy the songs '

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Graisg said...

Don't worry citizens, yes it is cold but it isn't snowing outdoors. The picture of Nairn's number one pie shop (on the left from the chip shop) is simply an old one from the Gurn's digital vault. No gurantees that it won't snow by morning however.