Friday, June 03, 2005

Making fantasy money out of the Gurn

I don't quite understand this but someone is making fantasy money out of us!
It's all happening on
Blogshare: seems our stock is on the rise.


Bill said...

So far as I can see it's Curious Hamster, a blog based in Aberdeen. URL is:

Most of us have been the object of these fantasy games from time to time ;)

Graisg said...

Any chance of getting some real money:-)?

Nairn said...

shares in pies is my suggestion - you can always eat the dividend :-)

Garry said...

Guilty as charged.
Blogshares is one of those things I do when insomnia strikes. I've been reading the rules and messing about with shares for various blogs I read. It's all just for fun, which is sad since I seem to have made over a million of whatever imaginary currency it is last month. (Not sure if that last sentence makes sense? Oh well.)
I'd like to apply for a share of any pies going spare though.