Monday, June 13, 2005

A Gurn from Kabul:

Nairnite and UN worker ‘Dosza Trots’ writes for the Gurn:
'Reading about the housing issue engulfing Auldearn, the lack of consensus sought from the residents, and the pictures of the tented social alternatives proposed, I was prompted to share with you the life of the nomadic Kuchi tribes of Afghanistan. Caught in a medieval time warp, during the summer months they still roam the mountains and plains with their colourful clothing, sheep herds and camel trains for transport. They pitch their tents where the grass is greenest and their children have real tanks and landmines to play "soi-ders" with. Sights I never thought I would see when sitting in Mr Leslie's georgraphy class. I am sure the Kuchi's would love to share with you their frustrations when it comes to lack of consensus. They simply get moved on. I will watch with interest to see how things develop in Auldearn. Do they still serve nice Sunday lunches at the Lion Hotel?" Dosza Trots, UN worker, Kabul'

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