Gurn Gàidhlig - help available for all learners

Is mise Des. Fileanta sa Ghàidhlig agus deònach daoine eile a chuideachadh. Fluent in Gaelic and willing to help others.

Reasonable rates – want some help with your Gaelic? Contact for further details.

Co a th' annamsa? Seo beagan mu mo dheidhinn – here’s a bit about myself:

 Current classes

A1 Autumn Starters Wednesdays 6.30 pm. Reached Cuspair 5 A1 Speak Gaelic w/e 15/01/23

A1 Winter Starters Wednesdays pm. Reached Cuspair 6 A1 Speak Gaelic w/e 15/01/23

A2 Intermediate 7.30 pm Thursdays. Reached Cuspair 6 A2 Speak Gaelic w/e 15/01/23

Payment by donation via this page here. 

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