Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Nairn Golf Club appeals for safe and responsible public access.

Nairn Golf Club is appealing to the public to be aware of and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code when crossing golf courses.

The Club has experienced a huge increase in the number of people walking and cycling across the course since the start of lockdown and, with guidance from the Highland Council, is introducing new signage to help people stay safe and to know how to avoid interrupting golf at play.

Walkers and cyclists have been accessing the golf course; interrupting play and, most importantly, unwittingly putting themselves at risk of serious personal injury. Golfers and the public have been struck and injured by golf balls in the past at Nairn. The number of ‘near misses’ has increased dramatically over the last 12 months and as a responsible landowner, Nairn Golf Club is keen to do all we can to minimise this risk.

The Club is promoting the message of informed, safe and responsible access to help improve awareness of the dangers of accessing golf courses.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code states that the public may cross a golf course as long as they let golfers play their shots, stay still and quiet when near a player about to play a shot and keep dogs on a short lead. New signage and volunteer Marshalls will help highlight what the public can and cannot do when crossing the course.

Last week Nairn Golf Club hosted the Amateur Championship and the Club would like to thank the public for their cooperation during the event and hope this responsible access continues for the safety of the public and golfers alike.


Monday, June 28, 2021

NRCC online meeting to co-opt new members Weds 30th June at 7pm

An NRCC spokesperson told the Gurn: "This is a special meeting to co-opt new members. 

We will be promoting opportunities for new members to work with us, including youth members, over the summer as we launch our new website.

Anyone wishing further information or a meeting link should get in touch on nrcc.online@outlook.com"

Friday, June 25, 2021

Nairn Scouts are prepared to top up from the tap

The 1st Nairn Scouts have helped to get the seaside town’s new Scottish Water Top up Tap flowing, as the school summer holidays get underway.

The blue tap is located next to the River Nairn, near The Maggot Car Park, alongside the main footpath leading to the East Beach.

The Scouts were joined by local councillor Tom Heggie and Alex Williamson from the Nairn Connects Business Improvement District, who led the push for a Top up Tap to be installed in the town.

Jamie MacDonald from the Scout group was one of the first to try out the tap. Jamie said: “It’s a great idea for people to have free access to fresh, clean water when they’re out and about.

“When I’m out cycling with my friends, we normally have refillable water bottles and the tap will mean we can stop off, top up and keep on the go.”

Scottish Water’s Your Water Your Life campaign aims to encourage everyone to carry a refillable water bottle and enjoy Scotland’s world class drinking water on tap.

Fellow Scout Freya Davidson said: “I think it’s really important for people to use and throw away less plastic, because we only have one world. We’re lucky in Nairn to have really nice beaches, dolphins and other wildlife so it’s really important to protect our local environment too. Using a refillable water bottle is an easy way to help.”

Scottish Water’s Water Networks Team Leader Stevie Webster helped identify the tap’s location and supported its installation. Stevie said: “It’s great to see the enthusiasm of the Scouts for enjoying our outdoors, but also taking care of our environment for the future.

“Nairn is famously one of the driest places in Scotland, but the Top up Tap will make it easier for local residents and visitors to stay hydrated all year round. Carrying a refillable water bottle and topping up from the tap is good for you, it’s good for your pocket and it’s good for the planet too.”

Councillor Tom Heggie added: “Older folk will remember the old style water fountains that there used to be around Nairn, but that couldn’t meet modern safety standards. This is a superb update that will allow youngsters and everyone to fill their water bottles on the way to the beach and have the benefit of hydration.

“Reducing litter and plastic waste is hugely important to our community. We all have to take personal responsibility and play our part.”

The Top up Taps all include devices which record the amount of water they give out at each location.

Since the first Top up Tap was launched, more than 400,000 litres of water have been consumed from Scottish Water’s expanding network of the refill points across the country.

The publicly-owned water company will soon have 50 of the taps in the ground at sites including harbours, beaches, national parks, botanical gardens and other top tourist attractions.

Image shows (left to right): Charlie Holder, Rosie Walker, Mabel Holder, Maisie Walker, Jamie MacDonald, Freya Davidson, Anna Lean, Fraser Grant and Roan Davidson of the 1st Nairn Scouts; Drew Davidson (Group Scout Leader); local councillor Tom Heggie; Tom Quinlan (Assistant Scouts Leader); Alex Williamson of Nairn Connects; and Stevie Webster of Scottish Water.

More information about the Your Water Your Life campaign can be found at www.YourWaterYourLife.co.uk.


Thursday, June 24, 2021

"Nairnshire members presented with responses from public consultation on Sandown Lands "

 Highland Council Press Release:

"Members of the Nairnshire Area Committee, which took place yesterday, were presented with the responses and comments raised following a statutory public consultation on the disposal of Sandown Lands – an area of land which currently forms part of the Nairn Common Good Fund – for development purposes.

While some initial discussion and analysis of consultation responses took place during the committee, Members agreed to allow time for full reflection and assessment of all comments received, with a decision on the outcome of the consultation to be considered at the next meeting of the Nairnshire Area Committee – scheduled for September 2021.  Members did agree the responses to the public representations received, and these will now be published on the Council’s website.

At present, Sandown Lands, with the exception of the allotment gardens (which are not part of this proposal and would continue to remain), is for agricultural use on eight-month tenancies.  More varied uses for the land which may be considered in the event of disposal are the provision of housing, leisure, retail and community spaces as well as green space and retention of wetlands in line with the existing Sandown Development Brief.

Sandown Lands are considered to be inalienable Common Good land and therefore, should the proposal be agreed, this would trigger a requirement to seek Sheriff Court approval.

In September, if Nairnshire Area Committee members decide to proceed with the proposal for disposal – subject to obtaining Sheriff Court approval – the matter would be subject to consideration and agreement by Highland Council, which is comprised of all elected members within the organisation.  This is due to the value of the Sandown Lands which exceeds 10%  of  the  value  of  Nairn  Common  Good  Fund.  The Council is obliged to obtain best value for any such transactions and this obligation extends to disposals of Common Good land.

Councillor Tom Heggie, Chair of the Nairnshire Committee, said:  “We recognise that Sandown is a significant asset of the Nairn Common Good Fund and I wish to reassure members of the public that any decision taken on this matter will be done with great care and consideration.  I also wish to reiterate that the allotment gardens, which form part of Sandown Lands, are specifically excluded from the proposal.”

He continued:  “Collectively, as elected members for the Nairnshire area, we have agreed to reflect and digest all of all comments received as part of the public consultation, and re-visit this matter during  our next meeting of the Nairnshire Committee to determine our next steps.”


24 Jun 2021"

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

NRCC made a donation to the Nairn T&C Hospital in memory of Jeanne Tolmie, past Chair of Nairn River Community Council

Nairn River Community Council made a donation of £1000 to Nairn Hospital to fund the Daily Sparkle, a newspaper for patients in name of Jeanne Tolmie. 
 Jeanne Tolmie was a long-standing Chair of NRCC and for many years, was a great supporter of the Hospital. 
Tommy Hogg, previous Chair of NRCC and Vice Chair to Jean presented the cheque to Aoife Morris and Phyllis Burnett. Karen Tolmie representing Jean at the presentation said "Jean would be delighted and honoured to be publicly remembered by the community and the hospital which was so good to her".
Karen was pleased that NRCC chose to commemorate Jean in this way.
Ros Philip, District Manager Nairn, helped to organise the presentation.
Jeanne retired from River Community Council in 2012 after 34  years service. The images below are of Jeanne with her colleague Margeret Mackintosh and Fergus Ewing MSP at a ceremony held in the Courthouse to mark her years of service to the town.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Highland Council consultation on disposing Sandown Lands for development: 98 responses received, 3 in favour, 10 with comments for and against, 85 objected to the proposal - Community has soundly rejected the proposal!

Looks like the community has rejected the Highland Council proposal to sell the Sandown Lands to for development. What now then, will the Council try and press ahead with this despite the opposition? 

A link to a full analysis of the consultation responses has been posted on the popular Nairn our Town Facebook page here.    It's a very long read folks.

So what next? The document reads:

Members are asked to:

i. Note the outcome of the consultation process undertaken as contained in the
analysis at Appendix 1.

ii. Consider and agree the responses to the representations raised in connection with the proposal as outlined in the table at paragraph 2 (b) of Appendix 1 and approve publication of the same on the Council website and notifying to those who have responded within the consultation.

iii. Agree that to allow time for full reflection and assessment of all comments received, a decision on the outcome of the consultation will be considered at the next meeting of the Nairnshire Area Committee.

iv. Note that given the value of the asset, the decision on the outcome of the consultation will rest with Highland Council and Members of  the Nairnshire
Committee will be asked to make a recommendation to the Council."

Over to our four local Councillors to consider then.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Nairn River Community Council AGM and regular meeting Wednesday 16th June

Comhairle Coimhearsnachd Abhainn Narann
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, 16th June 2021 7:30 pm
Members Present and apologies.
Declarations of Interest.
Minutes of previous AGM
Chairpersons Annual Report
Treasurers Annual Report
Demit of office bearers and election of office bearers
Provisional Date of next AGM
Chair closes meeting.
Comhairle Coimhearsnachd Abhainn Narann
A public meeting of the Nairn River Community Council
will be held online via Zoom on
Wednesday, 16th June 2021 directly after the AGM
Members Present, Apologies and Declarations of Interest.
Minutes of previous meetings.
Treasurers Report.
Matters Arising
Donation / Jean Tolmie Memorial.
Conflict of Interest
Planning Update.
Parking on Common Good Land.
Youth Associate Members.
Offer of training on Minute Taking and Production of Minutes.
The Nairn Community Spa & Lido Company.
Any update from THC Members that may be present. Recent Ward business meeting. Castle Square Notice Board. TH PS LM LF
Any other competent business.
Provisional dates of Ordinary Meetings.
Date of next Ordinary meeting.
Chair closes meeting.
Members of the Public wishing to attend the NRCC Meeting should send an email to: nrcc.online@outlook.com including their name and postcode.
The invitations will be sent close to the meeting date.
NRCC will not admit anonymous or people identifying with something other than their own name to any meeting.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Nairn West & Suburban Community Council seeks additional members

"Would you like to be part of the Nairn West and Suburban Community Council whose general purpose is to act as a voice for our designated area in Nairn?

This involves articulating views and concerns of local people on a wide range of issues of public concern and making representations to The Highland Council, other public bodies and private agencies within their sphere of interest.

The Community Council category presently available for you to consider joining (applying for) is as a co-opted member. This category gives the member full voting rights apart from voting on co-option of members.

There is a monthly public meeting September through to May, in addition there are Operational agenda discussions to discuss new and ongoing topics the CC is working on. The Annual General meeting is normally held before the May ordinary meeting annually.

To operate effectively a CC needs a mix of ages, good feedback via the members and a willingness to listen to others viewpoint.

If this has created a glimmer of interest and you would like to find out more, please make contact via the NWSCC website leaving a telephone number. One of us will return your call (it may take a few days) and answer your questions allowing you to make an informed decision."