Thursday, June 17, 2021

Highland Council consultation on disposing Sandown Lands for development: 98 responses received, 3 in favour, 10 with comments for and against, 85 objected to the proposal - Community has soundly rejected the proposal!

Looks like the community has rejected the Highland Council proposal to sell the Sandown Lands to for development. What now then, will the Council try and press ahead with this despite the opposition? 

A link to a full analysis of the consultation responses has been posted on the popular Nairn our Town Facebook page here.    It's a very long read folks.

So what next? The document reads:

Members are asked to:

i. Note the outcome of the consultation process undertaken as contained in the
analysis at Appendix 1.

ii. Consider and agree the responses to the representations raised in connection with the proposal as outlined in the table at paragraph 2 (b) of Appendix 1 and approve publication of the same on the Council website and notifying to those who have responded within the consultation.

iii. Agree that to allow time for full reflection and assessment of all comments received, a decision on the outcome of the consultation will be considered at the next meeting of the Nairnshire Area Committee.

iv. Note that given the value of the asset, the decision on the outcome of the consultation will rest with Highland Council and Members of  the Nairnshire
Committee will be asked to make a recommendation to the Council."

Over to our four local Councillors to consider then.