Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Nairn Golf Club appeals for safe and responsible public access.

Nairn Golf Club is appealing to the public to be aware of and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code when crossing golf courses.

The Club has experienced a huge increase in the number of people walking and cycling across the course since the start of lockdown and, with guidance from the Highland Council, is introducing new signage to help people stay safe and to know how to avoid interrupting golf at play.

Walkers and cyclists have been accessing the golf course; interrupting play and, most importantly, unwittingly putting themselves at risk of serious personal injury. Golfers and the public have been struck and injured by golf balls in the past at Nairn. The number of ‘near misses’ has increased dramatically over the last 12 months and as a responsible landowner, Nairn Golf Club is keen to do all we can to minimise this risk.

The Club is promoting the message of informed, safe and responsible access to help improve awareness of the dangers of accessing golf courses.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code states that the public may cross a golf course as long as they let golfers play their shots, stay still and quiet when near a player about to play a shot and keep dogs on a short lead. New signage and volunteer Marshalls will help highlight what the public can and cannot do when crossing the course.

Last week Nairn Golf Club hosted the Amateur Championship and the Club would like to thank the public for their cooperation during the event and hope this responsible access continues for the safety of the public and golfers alike.


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