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The Pen and I's sensational save the Nairn Festival fundraiser from last week - here's the video playlist

Help needed folks. Think I have made a few mistakes with the names of the acts and didn't catch the full name of that stunning blues band from Forres. Please help out with e-mail corrections to or leave a comment. Thanks.

It was a great night and fantastic to see so much talent stepping forward to help efforts to raise the 15K to save the Nairn Festival. If you couldn't make it here's a video playlist that shows you what you missed. If you have any spare cash please consider a donation to the crowdfunder here.

Anyone wishing to browse the videos in the playlist might find this page more user-friendly. 


And don't forget there is another fundraiser tomorrow Thursday 27th between 4-7 pm down at James's at the putting green.

Update: James's Ice Cream Social raised £219 for the festival fund last night.Thurs 27th).

Hello world something big is happening in Nairn tomorrow (Thursday 27th) 4-7 pm - click pic to enlarge for details

Nairn Healthcare News April 2017

Here's the April newsletter from Nairn Healthcare


April has brought a lot of changes to the NHG team. We welcomed back Dr Laura Thomas from maternity leave and we will also be welcoming back Dr Kirsty Clark from maternity leave in the coming weeks. 

We have a new foundation year 2 doctor, Dr Kirsty Macdonald, who has joined NHG for a 4 month placement. 

The Practice has also said hello to new receptionist, Lynsey and goodbye to Margaret, receptionist based at the Ardersier branch. 

A big congratulations is extended to our Practice Paramedic, Kevin, who achieved his black belt in karate recently. Well done Kevin!

NHG Medical Students' Rural Projcet interests MSP

Iona Robertson and Blair Wallace, medical students on placement at Nairn Healthcare, along with their other Fourth Year University of Dundee medical student peers met with MSP David Stewart to talk about their experience of a pilot project between NHS Highland, NHS Dumfries and Galloway and the University of Dundee. 

The longitudinal clerkship is looking at delivering a significant change in medical education to
promote general practice and ensure the new doctors are comfortable both in community and hospital settings. 

The partnership sees fourth year medical students based in general practice for five to six sessions a week and spending the rest of the week in secondary care or other community settings. 

Dr Emma Watson, director of medical education for NHS Highland explained that the clerkship has been developed due to its education value in creating excellent doctors but also to help address recruitment issues in General Practice and rural areas.

MSP David Stewart states “I am acutely aware of GP recruitment problems and this is another way of bringing home to students what could be on offer to them when it comes to healthcare in our communities”

Pictured is MSP David Stewart with Iona Robertson to his left and Blair Wallace, second from right. 

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month.

Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in Scotland but it is treatable and curable especially if diagnosed early. Taking part in bowel cancer screening is the best way to get diagnosed early. 

If you are aged between 50-74, the Scottish Bowel Screening Programme will invite you for screening every 2 years. A kit will be sent to your home address where it is to be completed and returned to the screening centre based in Dundee. 

1 in 20 over 50s will get bowel cancer at some point in their lives, screening aims to find bowel cancer at an early stage and if the cancer is detected early enough, there is a 90% chance of treating the disease successfully. 

Screening saves lives but at the moment, in some areas of the UK, only a third of those who receive a test in the post complete it. Thousands of people are missing out on the best way to detect bowel cancer early when it is easier to treat and there is a greater chance of survival. 

For more information call the helpline on 0800 0121 833 or visit

Winter is now officially over and we are all looking forward to Summer and getting out in the countryside and gardens.

However, the country undergrowth from Spring until Autumn is covered in tiny ticks which may carry bacteria and can transfer to people when the tick attaches itself. If the tick is removed properly and correctly, there is no risk to health but there is a risk of developing Lyme disease if this is not
done correctly.

A symptom of Lyme disease is a red skin rash which can be cured with a simple antibiotic. If the rash goes unnoticed, it can result in joint pain or nerve problems which may require stronger antibiotics.

If you find a tick on yourself or your child, wait until you get home and calmly remove the tick with a tick removal tool which is designed to get underneath the tick and lift it off safely. Don’t attempt to remove it with your fingers. Using fingers or tweezers risk squeezing the tick and actually injecting the Lyme disease bacteria into your blood.


For more information, please pick up the Tick Information Guide from reception or read online at You can also visit

Monday, April 24, 2017

Rob Ellen hosting a very interesting night in the Invernairne on May 8th

Tues May 2nd and Cromarty Rising and Friends are heading to Holyrood again for the STS transfers debate - want a seat on the bus?

"Please join us for the Scottish parliamentary debate on STS transfers at sea.

We are planning a bus trip again... the last one was so much fun 😊

Departure .. Nairn 8am. Matalan, Inches 8.30am
Leave Holyrood .. 6pm 

We have 20 tickets for the chamber for those wishing to go inside. 

Again the cost is affordable donations. 

If you'd like to join us please email "

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Run for Hamish - Sunday 11th June 2017 - Nairn 10 mile Road Race and Fun Run

Nairn 10 Mile Road Race & Fun Run

Liz Bow told the Gurn

"This is the start of some very exciting fundraising in memory of our special boy #TeamHamish 💙🌈
All on ⭐️Sunday 11th June ⭐️ if you'd like to participate in the race or fun run you can do so

We also would greatly appreciate any helpers, baking etc. Thank you so much in advance"

Keeping Nairnshire Colourful - help wanted to maintain Nairn's floral displays

Saturday, April 22, 2017

General election in Nairn - watch out for...

Convoys of candidates and meejah beating a track to Murd's door. Murd became a bit of a go to guru last time round for a top up on his position on the Firhall Bridge and other issues.

Picture Murray MacRae
Murd told the Gurn: " The old song people knocking but they cant get in. Got promised all sorts at the last local election but got nothing done. But did achieve some things on my own after a hard struggle."

Friday, April 21, 2017

Highland Rock Garden Club 48th spring flower show and plant sales Nairn Community Centre Saturday April 29th

Save the Nairn Festival fund raising continues - successful event held in Community Centre

A fantastic array of talent assembled by the Pen&I group in the Nairn Community and Arts centre last night to put on a fund raiser for the Save the Festival Fund. A big boost to the fund from the event too. If you have a pound or two to spare you can contribute here too. 

Here's what Dave Godden had to say last night about the incredible fund raising efforts so far.

The Gurn will publish a playlist of videos showing all the acts that appeared last night when they are all uploaded. There's quite a bit of material  - the show had to be extended for an extra hour such was the desire to appear and support the Festival. Folk from Nairn and much further beyond are certainly rallying to the Festival cause.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

You must get down to the Community Centre tonight!

The Railway Man (15) Subtitled for the hard of hearing. Friday 21st April 7.30pm Nairn Community and Arts Centre

The true story of Eric Lomax, a Scot who was a prisoner of the Japanese in WW2, was made into an award winning film ‘The Railway Man’ (15) in 2013. In one of his finest performances, Colin Firth portrays the traumatised veteran who many years later is encouraged by his new wife (Nicole Kidman) to try to find a way forward. Together they decide to try to track down one of his tormentors and confront his demons.

Jonathan Teplitzky directed in this movie which, while not avoiding the horrors which Lomax has suffered, is much more concerned with the nature of human spirit and how a loving, trusting relationship can help to heal the most scarred soul.

Nairn Grigor Lido Feasibility Study final report published

Could seriously be a goer and a big boost to the local economy and employment really is what this observer took from the presentation yesterday in the Nairn Community and Arts Centre by consultants, Upper Quartile. The research was financed by HIE. 

If time permits we will publish a few extracts from the report over the weekend. Anyone that wants to get up to speed with the Lido proposal may wish to watch this short video. 

At the presentation and taking a break from gettting a suntan on the doorsteps were three of the candidates in the mix for the Nairn and Cawdor ward seats on Highland Council. Ritchie Cunningham, Liz MacDonald and Tom Heggie below holding their copies of the final report. 

Spotted after the presentation, Ritchie, Liz and Tom having a wee blether
Below a wee bittie from the report - the SWOT analysis which gives you the flavour - click on it to enlarge. If time permits then more later towards the weekend. Day job interfering with output just now and and a couple of pints with two members of River CC last night intervened too.

Click on the image below to enlarge

Breaking news - Tommy Hogg back as chair of Nairn River Community Council

Veteran local campaigner Tommy Hogg was elected unopposed as John Hume stood down from his term of office last night in the Community Centre. 

A wide range of issues were discussed after the AGM, including the state of the A96 surface at the King Street roundabout and latest Ship to Ship developments. Outgoing secretary Simon Noble produced a letter from Transport Scotland concerning the appalling surface at King Street on the main trunk road through town. When time permits the Gurn hopes to publish this letter. 

Loads of other stuff too, quite an interesting meeting. Still a vacancy for Secretary - anyone interested? Of course the local paper was there too and there will no doubt be concise reporting of events in next week's Nairnshire Telegraph. 

More soon. 

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Nairn Swan stuff

Easter time goings on for the resident swans here. 

Easter Monday rose planters spend the day Keeping Nairnshire Colourful

Sheena Baker told the Gurn:

"Hats off to Donald Green of Greens Nursery for yet again subsidising more planting for Nairn.

Annie Stewart and the committee of Keeping Nairnshire Colourful and friends spent Easter Monday replanting the old rose beds on the A96 opposite Sainsbury's to keep the approaches to Nairn looking appealing for both residents and visitors m.

Also thanks to Bitz and Chris Knight's for letting us get water to water both beds due to a surprising lack of rain when it was actually needed!"

Keeping Nairnshire Colourful are looking for more volunteers to help with weeding and other jobs during the season. Could you perhaps help with a friend or too to look after one of the beds? Contact KNC for further details. 

Police warning after man seen acting suspiciously near car in Nairn at 1 am this morning

"Police Scotland is making enquiry after a man wearing dark clothing was seen to act suspiciously near to a vehicle at Cawdor Street, Nairn at around 1am this morning (Monday 17 April, 2017).

In appealing for information that could assist enquiries into this crime, Police Scotland asks drivers to take every possible precaution to deter thieves.

Ideally, items of value and personal belongings should never be left within an unattended vehicle and they should certainly never be left in open view.

If car owners are not able to take their property out of the car, they should at least hide it away from prying eyes and lock it out of sight in the boot. While this is not a failsafe deterrent against crime, it denies the would-be thief the opportunity to window shop.

Drivers should look around before moving items from car seat to boot and try and ensure they are not being watched.

They should always ensure that their vehicle is secured when left unattended. Doors should be locked and, windows closed.

Most vehicles these days have alarms and/or immobilisers as standard. Anyone whose vehicle does not have this type of security measure should give consideration to fitting one or both.

Anyone with information that could assist Police Scotland should call 101 quoting ref NM/2395/17, or the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111."

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Why it is important for Nairnshire folk to vote in the Highland Council election on May 4th!

Last time round in 2012 only 43% went to the polls in this ward. There have been many controversial issues concerning local government in Nairn in recent years, most of them around planning matters. Another low turn-out will demonstrate that apathy still rules in Nairn and it will make it harder for this community to fight for its equitable share of the cake and against this community's future being decided by people that don't live in it. 

Paradoxically at a time of financial cuts and diminishing local services there is a mood in the air for returning local democracy to communities. It comes with Scottish Government localism policies and Highland Council has also made steps in this direction too. Nairn could possibly be at the forefront of many of these changes given the momentum that the commmunity councils and others locally have built up over the years in demanding change and the ending of the democratic deficit. 

So get out and vote in large numbers and send a message to the powers that be that Nairn is no longer apathetic and is awake and taking notice. It doesn't stop there of course – after May 4th continue to tell the four successful candidates and the powers that be that this community wants to decide its own future. There has to be change and it will come easier if we all show interest in the process and voting on May 4th can be a big part of that. 

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ardclach Heritage Project - next meeting Thursday 27th April "History of Ardclach and surrounding Parishes"

Debbie McBean told the Gurn that the first meeting went well: 

 "We had 37 people with lots of old photographs and lots of questions.
A lot of them joined up.  Our meeting on 27th April is John and Jenny Rose-Miller armed with lots of information and censuses. 25th May is a Show and Tell, with lots of local history and stories. It seems to be taking off and people are very keen."

Another day, another election leaflet - Paul McIvor Independent

To see all images of all the election leaflets we have received so far please go to this Gurn Flickr album.

Drew was in the Meeting Place, Harbour Street, Nairn today - video

Drew talking to folk in the Meeting Place

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Murd goes rustic - make him an offer!

Murd tells the Gurn:

"This is my latest project making garden chairs new built with the rustic look but strong.
Selling at A reasonable price

If interested you can e-mail and we can discuss delivery"

Excessive traffic delays for a Sunday lunchtime in Nairn?

Delays look a bit excessive today for a Sunday lunchtime. There have been increasing complaints on social media during the week about the time it is taking to get through the town. Has anyone changed any of the light settings?

Nairn County Player of the year awards 2017 - video

The awards took place in the Legion last night. Contains thank you to Legion staff, Chairman's speech, awards and Players thank you to ground staff. 

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Another day, another election leaflet - Stephen Fuller SNP

Click on the middle image to enlarge a little. You can also see the images here on the Gurn Flickr pages along with all the other election leaflets we have received so far. 

Thursday, April 06, 2017

"Nairn is a town worth investment" The penny has dropped

Michael Barnett speaking at the NICE meeting in the Little Theatre on Thursday 30th of March 2017.

20th Anniversary Nairnshire Challenge - give it a go?

SNP Nairn branch secret campaign weapon unveiled

Working late tonight were Nairn branch SNP activists led by candidate Stephen Fuller as they put their 1,2 signs around the town centre. They were making considerable progress with all their materials contained in a rather elegant large suitcase. 

Another day, another election leaflet - Liz MacDonald SNP

Here's Liz MacDonald's leaflet. Click on the middle picture to enlarge a little. All the leaflets we have received so far are available on the Gurn Flickr pages here. If you are a candidate in the Highland Council election that will take place on Thursday May 4th then please send us your leaflet and we will be delighted to publish it on the Gurn. 

Attempted break in at Househill Terrace sometime between 12.30pm on Friday (31st March) and 4pm the following day

More on the Press and Journal site

Iain Bruce gives an update on the Grigor Lido project for Nairn Seafront - video

Here's Iain speaking at the NICE meeting that took place last Thursday in the Little Theatre. There were other presentations too - see them here on the Gurn Youtube channel. 

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Another election leaflet - Laurie Fraser Independent

 Are you one of the ten candidates in the Highland Council election for this ward? Please send us your leaflet and we will be delighted to publish. You can see all the leaflets that we have received so far here on the Gurn Flickr pages. Here's another one, Provost Laurie Fraser. 

"Nairn Community & Arts Centre will no longer be providing a Tourist Information Service"

"As of 1st April 2017 Nairn Community & Arts Centre will no longer be providing a Tourist Information Service.

This is regrettable, but necessary, due to the decision of Visit Scotland to withdraw funding of Tourist Information Points."

Monday, April 03, 2017

The Bid Vid - more optimism for Nairn - presentation by Michael Boylan explaining what the BID is and how it will work

Good omens for the "BID" and what it can bring to Nairn. Michael Boylan speaking at the NICE AGM Thursday the 30th March in the Nairn Community and Arts Centre. 

Nairn 2 Huntly 1 Pictures Donald Matheson

Individual images here.

" And every Highland Council tenant who claims universal credit has now fallen into arrears, leaving the local authority with an budget hole of more than £700,000"

"A NEW benefits system has sparked a spate of cries for help from people left in desperate hardship in Inverness.

Tearful residents have flooded one MP’s office with harrowing tales of life on the new universal credit – including one toddler’s parent who was left without money, electricity and food after they were cut off for six weeks without explanation."

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Economic development through regeneration of Nairn Harbour - Presentation by Michael Green at recent NICE meeting - video

At last Thursday's meeting of Nairn there were a number of presentations made about ongoing projects in Nairn. These were the Men's Shed (see previous post), the town centre, the Harbour redevelopment, the BID and the Lido. A lot of positivity at the meeting. 

Here's Michael Green outlining how things are going with plans for the harbour