Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Railway Man (15) Subtitled for the hard of hearing. Friday 21st April 7.30pm Nairn Community and Arts Centre

The true story of Eric Lomax, a Scot who was a prisoner of the Japanese in WW2, was made into an award winning film ‘The Railway Man’ (15) in 2013. In one of his finest performances, Colin Firth portrays the traumatised veteran who many years later is encouraged by his new wife (Nicole Kidman) to try to find a way forward. Together they decide to try to track down one of his tormentors and confront his demons.

Jonathan Teplitzky directed in this movie which, while not avoiding the horrors which Lomax has suffered, is much more concerned with the nature of human spirit and how a loving, trusting relationship can help to heal the most scarred soul.

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