Thursday, April 20, 2017

Breaking news - Tommy Hogg back as chair of Nairn River Community Council

Veteran local campaigner Tommy Hogg was elected unopposed as John Hume stood down from his term of office last night in the Community Centre. 

A wide range of issues were discussed after the AGM, including the state of the A96 surface at the King Street roundabout and latest Ship to Ship developments. Outgoing secretary Simon Noble produced a letter from Transport Scotland concerning the appalling surface at King Street on the main trunk road through town. When time permits the Gurn hopes to publish this letter. 

Loads of other stuff too, quite an interesting meeting. Still a vacancy for Secretary - anyone interested? Of course the local paper was there too and there will no doubt be concise reporting of events in next week's Nairnshire Telegraph. 

More soon. 

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