Sunday, April 16, 2017

Why it is important for Nairnshire folk to vote in the Highland Council election on May 4th!

Last time round in 2012 only 43% went to the polls in this ward. There have been many controversial issues concerning local government in Nairn in recent years, most of them around planning matters. Another low turn-out will demonstrate that apathy still rules in Nairn and it will make it harder for this community to fight for its equitable share of the cake and against this community's future being decided by people that don't live in it. 

Paradoxically at a time of financial cuts and diminishing local services there is a mood in the air for returning local democracy to communities. It comes with Scottish Government localism policies and Highland Council has also made steps in this direction too. Nairn could possibly be at the forefront of many of these changes given the momentum that the commmunity councils and others locally have built up over the years in demanding change and the ending of the democratic deficit. 

So get out and vote in large numbers and send a message to the powers that be that Nairn is no longer apathetic and is awake and taking notice. It doesn't stop there of course – after May 4th continue to tell the four successful candidates and the powers that be that this community wants to decide its own future. There has to be change and it will come easier if we all show interest in the process and voting on May 4th can be a big part of that.