Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Scottish Water close Merryton Bridge until tree can be safely removed

Update sorted around lunchtime today 20 02 20

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Is getting a flood protection scheme for Nairn more important that getting a bypass?

No shortage of folk in Nairn (including our polticians at various levels) who have been campaigning for a bypass for some  years now and all eyes will be on the Scottish Government Budget this year to see if funding for the bypass goes through and it becomes a reality. There is hardly a dissenter to be found, everyone wants a bypass for Nairn.

When it comes to flooding though the topic doesn't surface nearly as much as updates on the bypass and in comparison there is no fancy state of the art video of how flood defences might look. In 2016 SEPA published a document as part of it's responsibilities under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009. The document called for a study to be undertaken to (among other things): “Reduce risk in Nairn Central from coastal flooding and reduce flood risk in Nairn Central from the River Nairn. In Scottish terms the study had a priority of 49 out of 168 and in local authority terms 2 of 23.

SEPA further adds the following description: “A study is required to focus on direct defences to provide protection from river and coastal flooding. Other actions may also be considered in order to develop the most sustainable range of options.” An indicative delivery date is given as 2016-2021.

Under the title “Economic” SEPA state: “The study could benefit 344 residential and 24 non-residential properties at risk of flooding in this location, with potential damages avoided of up to £7.7 million.”  £7.7 million in 2016 terms readers, shall we say that that might be around £10 million in 2020 terms?

The Nairnshire Telegraph reported in its edition of February the 11th:
“The Flood Protection Study for the River Nairn and coastal flood risk had not started due to uncertainty in the Capital Programme, although Highland Council's objective was to complete the Studay by 2022.”

So perhaps a study by 2022 readers, and then how long for options to be discussed and then plans – let alone finance. All eyes on the Highland Council Capital Programme budget for this year too then!

It is accepted that sea levels are rising and there are predictions too of increasing rainfall. This work cannot wait any longer, Nairn needs a flood protection scheme urgently. Nairn needs a bypass too but perhaps the former is far more important than the latter.

The dangers that Nairn faces are self explanatory and outlined in the SEPA document, one could be forgiven for thinking that Highland Council acted recklessly in not undertaking this study immediately.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Nairn West & Suburban Community Council meeting for Monday 24th of February

Meeting Agenda
Nairn West & Suburban Community Council

Monday 24th February, at 7pm
in Nairn Community & Arts Centre

Chairperson: Sheena Baker


1. Chairperson - Welcome, attendees and apologies

a. Declaration of Interests

b. Meeting being recorded

2. Minutes of Previous meeting – correction and adoption

a. Matters Arising

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Secretary - Correspondence

5. Items for discussion:

a. Web site

b. VE Day Nairn

c. Flooding/Flood Protection/River dredging

d. Request for meeting with HC ECO Kate Lackie update

e. Schools and library provision

f. Common Good Identifying tasks for proposed sub-group

g. Parking Consultation document

h. Report on IMFDLP meeting with Scott Dalgarno

i. Empty properties Town centre

j. Town centre regeneration – HC planning application for 12 flats and CAB office

6. HC Update from Elected Highland Councillors:

a. Grass cutting proposal

b. Links

c. Toilet strategy for Nairn

d. Other live matters

7. A O C B

8. Questions or Contributions from Members of the Public

9. Next NW&SCC meeting – Monday, 23rd March,2020, Nairn Community and Arts C

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Nairn West and Suburban draft minutes from Monday 27th January now online

They will of course be subject to amendment but anyone wishing to keep up to date on several important issues affected the town may wish to read them. 

Also on tonight is the first full meeting of the new Nairn River Community Council. This observer believes there may be some interesting dynamics surfacing in the Community and Arts Centre this evening. Agenda details of NRCC meeting here.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

12 flats and relocation of CAB to King Street site - plans now in the public domain

At the last meeting of Nairn West and Suburban Community Council on Monday 27th in the Community and Arts Centre Tom Heggie indicated that plans for the proposed CAB move and flats would soon be in the public domain if they were not already. It emerges that a new plan had to be drawn up as the public toilets are Common Good Property. 

That new plan and associated documents are now on the Highland Council e-planning pages here. The existing former social work buildings would be demolished and become a car park with the existing car park that has the dilapidated wooden fence and contains the electric car charging point would be the site of the building containing 12 flats and the CAB.  

Nairn River Community Council have written to the planners asking for an extension of the consultation period as they do not have an opportunity to discuss this application until Tuesday 11th of February.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

River Community Council Agenda for next week (11/02/20)

More details here.

Events this month for Gaelic speakers and learners in Nairn

Next event is another informal social gathering to practice your Gaelic in the Bandstand Bar on Tuesday next week 7-8.30 pm 11th Feb.

All learners and speakers welcome not just the folk on the Duolingo app (although there are 186,000 out there learning some Gaelic and the majority of them in Scotland according to press reports - probably a few more in Nairn we haven't seen yet so please pop down if you can on Tuesday night.  Here's where you can get the free online Duolingo course.

More details of events here.

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Parking Charges - more consulation in the "next month or so"

Cllr Tom Heggie told the NWSCC meeting last week that there will be "extensive consultation" within the next month or so and community groups will be invited.

Gurn opinion:  Just how many times does this community have to say that parking charges anywhere in Nairn are a bad idea and unacceptable?

Artwork by Trish Hossack in the foyer at the Nairn Community and Arts Centre. Exhibition runs until 16th February.