Sunday, July 15, 2018

Nairn Healthcare Newsletter Summer 2018

The latest news Nairn Healthcare


Nairn Healthcare would like to welcome Mandy, our new receptionist, to the team. We have also said goodbye to Dr Andrew Evennett, our GP Partner, who has retired after 5 years with the Practice. We wish Dr Evennett a long and happy retirement.

Cervical Screening

The cervical screening programme is available to all women between the ages of 25-64. Women aged between 25-49 will be called three yearly and those aged 50-64 every five years. Women will be invited for screening via letter at the time they are due.

Cervical screening aims to reduce the likelihood of cervical cancer in women by detecting pre-cancerous cervical changes and we would like to encourage more women to attend for their check-up.

Nairn Healthcare currently has 3,501 women who are eligible for a smear test. 2,783 women took advantage of this opportunity (79.5%). We would like to see this figure rise and ask all women who are eligible to come for their screening. It could save your life.

5,000 lives are saved every year by cervical screening and we cannot stress how valuable this is for stopping cancer before it starts. The current HPV vaccine does not protect against all types of HPV so although the vaccine offers good protection, the combination of immunisation and regular screening offers the best protection.

For more information on cervical screening, please visit:

BBQ and Food Safety

Summer has arrived...and BBQ and picnic season is in full swing. Unfortunately, this is the time of year we seem to see a rise in food poisoning largely due to the Campylobacter bug – the most common cause for food poisoning in Scotland. Eating raw or undercooked meat is one of the most common ways people can get food poisoning.

To avoid the campylobacter bug, avoid cross contamination of raw and cooked meat. Always wash your hands after handing raw meat and use different utensils for cooked and raw meat. It is also safer to cook the chicken in the oven and finish off on the BBQ for flavour. Also, disposable BBQs take longer to cook so remember to check that your food is cooked properly.

Eating al-fresco on a summer’s day is an all-too-rare treat in Scotland and we certainly don’t want food poisoning to spoil this. For more information on BBQ and picnic safety, head to

Sun Protection 

Recently, the UK has been experiencing some of the hottest days of the year so far. Although it’s great to have some sun shining, we still need to protect our skin with suitable clothing, seeking shade and applying sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be suitable for your skin type and block both UVA and UVB radiation, at least SPF15 should be applied and the product shouldn’t be applied if after its expiry date.

Children and babies have more sensitive skin than adults so please take extra care to protect them. Children under 6 months should be kept out of direct strong sunlight. There are sunscreens available that are formulated for children and babies, these are less likely to irritate their skin.

If you do happen to get sunburnt, paracetamol and ibuprofen will ease the pain by helping to reduce inflammation. Sponge the sore skin with cool water and apply aftersun lotion. If you feel unwell or the skin swells or blisters, please seek medical help and stay out of the sun until all redness has gone.

For more information on sun protection, please visit


Hay fever is one of the most common allergic conditions affecting one in five people at some point in their life and unfortunately, it is during the Summer months that it surfaces. It is an allergy to pollen and the symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes.

There is currently no cure for hay fever but most people are able to relieve symptoms with treatment to a certain extent. Treatment options include antihistamines which can help prevent an allergic reaction from occurring. Steroids are sometimes recommended to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Most hay fever cases can be controlled with over-the-counter medication from the pharmacy, however if you feel your hay fever is more troublesome, it may be worth speaking to a GP as you may require prescribed medication.
Some self-help tips:

* Wearing sunglasses outdoors to stop pollen reaching your eyes

* Take a shower after being outdoors to remove unwanted pollen from your body

* Apply a small amount of Vaseline to the nasal opening to trap pollen grains.


Nairn Healthcare will be discontinuing the eConsult service from 31st July 2018 due to low usage of this service, however we will be offering online appointments in the near future to book a routine GP appointment.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The wishes of Nairn - ignored by the folk in the bubble?

As controversy still rages over proposed cludgie charges and parking meters - a stay of execution it seems on that perhaps until we know the result of the Nairn BID vote - but then what? There is a school of thought that Highland Council are hell bent on putting in the meters, even on Common Good Land, and that it will eventually be a fait accompli. If we don't want them then it is suspected that we will have to find the projected cash that they are supposed to raise ourselves.

And after that there will be other pressures on the town too as more and more cuts kick in - there are dark rumours of cuts way, way into the bone in future financial years. Will our Common Good funds and assets come under pressure to pay for the continuation of services that Highland Council will want to withdraw from? 

But we are where we are today and that is with little or no say as a Community. The situation was explained succinctly in a recent Nairnshire Telegraph editorial. If you didn't get a chance to read it then here's a screenshot of part of the editorial from the issue of June 26th. There will be agreement with the Editor's thesis well beyond the ranks of the usual suspects.

Picnic in the Park - Viewfield - Sunday 22nd July - take your unwanted plants, garden produce and tools to swap with others

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Sun 29th July - Free sandcastle competition @ Nairn Beach - all ages welcome 10.30 am

Dawn tells the Gurn: "It's a free event and something fun for everyone to do in the summer holidays."

Should be fun folks. Looking forward to seeing all your designs. Gurn reporters will be there. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Joint Police and Fire Service patrols to combat fire-raising in Nairn

Police in Nairn are warning of the dangers of deliberately setting fires and the safe use of disposable single use barbecues during the summer months.

Officers will carry out dedicated joint patrols with colleagues from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service along the town's beach and links during the school holiday period.

These patrols are aimed at deterring the setting of deliberate fires in the area - and being in a position to quickly tackle any fires which are found.

Inspector Mike Middlehurst said: "Previous joint patrols with our colleagues from Scottish Fire and Rescue have proved very successful and we are pleased to be continuing this during the summer.

"Recklessly setting fires is incredibly dangerous - you have no idea how it may develop, especially given the very dry weather we have been experiencing recently.

"What starts out as piece of fun could very quickly develop into a serious situation putting people and property at risk, as well as causing significant long lasting environmental damage.

"Anyone planning to have a barbecue in the beach area should know how to do so safely and then dispose of them properly afterwards. I would also ask for the support of local retailers to make sure they highlight fire safety to anyone buying a barbecue.

"We would urge people not to interfere with firefighting equipment stored in the in the area of be the beach such as fire extinguishers - the consequences could be very serious if the staff at local businesses cannot access the equipment they need quickly. Members of the public should be aware not to obstruct fire hydrants or access roads.

"We want people to be able to enjoy the beaches in Nairn and do so safely. Our patrols are aimed at keeping people safe and we hope to achieve that with the support of the public and businesses in the area."

Rab Middlemiss, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Local Senior Officer for Highlands, said: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has a very clear, zero tolerance approach to deliberate fire raising because it puts our communities at great risk.

“It presents a danger to life, property and the environment – not to mention the potential impact on businesses which are important to the economy.

“We will continue to work very closely with our police and local authority partners to ensure that those responsible are identified and dealt with accordingly.”

He added: “But I must point out that the best fire I ever fought was the one I prevented from happening in the first place.

“That is why we will continue to work hard to engage with our young people and our communities to ensure they are aware of the very real dangers.

“We have seen all too clearly the very devastating consequences of fire and if we can prevent just one person being hurt then it will be worth that effort.”

For more information on how you can keep your home and family safe, visit the Your Safety section of the website /your-safety/safer-summer.aspx

Contact Details

Call 101 for non-emergencies and general enquiries, in an emergency call 999. If you have information about a crime you can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Dying to Know 2018 - Thursday 19th July 2018 Nairn Community and Arts Centre

Dying to Know 2018 – Programme

12.30 – Opening

1pm – Lisa Law ‘Wills and Powers of Attorney’

1.45 – Keith Walker ‘Emotional Support’

2.15 – Gill MacLean ‘CAB advice’

2.45 – Derek Brown ‘Options and Choices’

3.15 – John Diffey ‘Cairngorm Natural Burials’

Sunday, July 01, 2018

River Nairn at Firhall drops below lowest level recorded by SEPA

Tonight the SEPA reading from Firhall goes below the previous lowest level on SEPA's record database. Out and about in may areas of the riverbank today you can see large areas of vegetation that have drooped significantly today. In other parts of the town too it seemed like large areas of grass were going fully brown. 

It felt really hot and perhaps might have been just as hot as the previous hottest day on Thursday. No sign of any significant rain for the next week too on the BBC site.  Comparisons are now being made in conversation with the drought year of 1976.

Cause for concern for the Nairn Angling Association, please see below.

Another attack on mature trees at Viewfield

Regulars on the Nairn Rocks Facebook page will have seen the images of and the comments on the damage to a tree in the corner of Viewfield next to the back of the former Windsor Hotel. Today one of our readers informed us of further damage to another tree in that area. 

This afternoon someone had put a handwritten notice at the base of the first tree that had been attacked, it read "Why? Why? Why? You may have killed this beautiful tree". 

Pollution incident on the River Nairn - pictures from the swan mannie

Pictures and more information on the swan mannie's website here. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Tribute band Noel Gallagher's High Flying Carpets at the Play House on Fridaty 27th July - Nairn County Ground Improvements Fundraiser

Here's the band performing

Tickets also available tomorrow at NCFC skipper Gregg Main's testimonial match against Ross County at Station Park tomorrow. Details here.

Fergus and Murd ramping it up at the Firhall Bridge

Fergus Ewing MSP made a visit to the Firhall Bridge today to discuss options for improving access at the crossing point of the popular riverside cirucular walk. Fergus spoke with Murd and others including reps from the Nairn Access Panel.

Parking charges for Nairn coming closer after another vote for them at Highland Council

"Car parking charges introduced across the Highlands" reads the Press and Journal in a report on events at Highland Council yesterday, more here.  

Below what Liz had to say as she spoke against parking charges yesterday.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Fergus to meet Murd at Firhall bridge this Friday (29th June) at 11 am

The Gurn understands that Fergus Ewing MSP is going to make a site visit to the Firhall Bridge to discuss accessibility issues with Murd Dunbar and other campaigners this Friday. Murd has been campaigning for several years for improved access at the Firhall Bridge. 

Last Wednesday Team Hamish, in outlining their proposals for the Links, town centre and Viewfield, included the long-term potential of an "accessible rainbow bridge" at Firhall. See the Team Hamish video and plans here on their website. 

If you would like to see improved access for all at the Firhall Bridge why not head up the river for a blether with Murd and Fergus at 11.00 am this Friday morning. 

The lack of Local Demorcracy in Nairn - what is wrong succinctly explained by the Nairnshire Telegraph

Cracking editorial in the Nairnshire these week "Out of the Bubble" which once again examines the running sore that is the democratic deficit in our community, the following paragraph hits the spot!

"The smaller numbers of councillors and officials has created a bubble effect. Don't talk to Joe Public because he's spouting poorly based opinion and it's a waste of time. Talk to a focus group or stakeholder if you must. But don't take them too seriously because, really, we're talking amongst ourselves, in our bubble where we hear the voices we know and like, talking reason we can understand."

Get yourself a copy in a newsagents near you to read the rest.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Midsummer's Day 2018 - the day the Royal Bank of Scotland abandoned Nairn

Enthusiastic welcome for Team Hamish Vision for Nairn at packed meeting in Community and Arts Centre last night

Perhaps about 200 people backed into the ad hoc area that becomes a room behind the stage last night as Sam and Sue Hey presented their ideas for the Links, Viewfield and the town centre. A gathering that allowed many people to articulate their support for the ambitious project and to express their desire to see sensitive and positive development in Nairn and a lasting memorial and tribute to a wonderful boy. 

It was good to be in the presence of so many people that back a vision to see Nairn back on the map with a series of improvements that would roll out as time, money and permissions allowed. Nothing is set in stone and Team Hamish are looking for feedback on their plans - the presentation boards will  be available for view in the Community Centre from Saturday and at other points in the town.

It will all work within the framework of the consultation that will follow the Council's scoping exercise for the Links which will in itself give Team Hamish and any other interest groups and individuals such as the Harbour Working Group a chance for further input. 

Team Hamish see a remodelling of the town centre car park areas as a more welcoming area for people arriving in town and then trying to encourage people down to the Links via Viewfield, an area where more interesting features such as sculptures could be added. 

The putting green would be redesigned too with ampitheatre style seating on the slope that borders the road at the back of Marine Flats with the inclusion of multi-purpose Beach Hut structures that could be used for the like of Arts and Crafts activities. A new children's play area would be built in the scrubland further down towards the beach from that area with sensitive tree screening for Marine Cottages. There would be a water play feature in the area of the paddling pool that would be open all year. Dolphin viewing platforms and other features including an upgrade of many of the paths including interesting features at some of the junctions. The area for the plan is from the Swimming Pool to the Harbour.

For further details of where to see the plans and contribute your views keep an eye on the Team Hamish Facebook page here.