Saturday, April 20, 2019

Nairn TSB to reduce hours to two days a week from July

Below is the information concerning the hew hours contained in a letter sent to a local customer of the TSB. It'll be Tuesdays and Fridays only from July.  The retreat of banking services from Nairn High Street continues! 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Charity Cricket Match Sunday 21st April 1pm the Links Nairn

Brian told the Gurn: "the story behind all this is of course the tragic loss of a long-time Nairn resident, NCCC member and regular cricket player Neil Gibson who sadly lost his life a year ago in a snowstorm while climbing in Wester Ross. The bodies of Neil and his brother Alan and their dog were found after many days of searching, by the Torridon Mountain Rescue Team.

So in memory of Neil, and to benefit the Torridon Mountain Rescue Team, the cricket club decided to organise this cricket match as a fund-raising event. We're playing against a visiting team from "The Forty Club", a group of cricket enthusiasts and veterans drawn from clubs around the country. We've got an assortment of sporting memorabilia to auction after the game including a bat signed by Ricky Ponting (Aussie test cricket captain and star batsman), a signed photo of the England T20 team, and also signed footy shirts from NCFC and Caley.... and various other items and raffle prizes."

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

As seen on twitter - a wedding on Nairn Beach

Nairn Coastguard busy on the beach with along with Navy Bomb Disposal Experts

Monday, April 15, 2019

Sandown Allotments phase 2 - seven years on from the first preparatory work onsite.

Nairn is still the envy of many other communities when it comes to allotment provision. At one time in the not too distant past two-thirds of all allotments in the Highlands were in Nairn. The waiting list for a plot in Nairn is not too long either compared with elsewhere with some applicants obtaining a plot within a year. A lot of folk have visited Nairn to get ideas for plots in their communities. The lower picture was taken this weekend. 

The first picture above is from about this time in 2012 and before any work was done on site an incredible amount of effort had gone into the funding application for European LEADER money by a dedicated team from the allotments committee. What has been achieved by plotters since then is remarkable 

As Nairn grows hopefully there will be more spaces like Sandown for people to grow their own fruit and vegetables. It is remarkable what individuals can achieve when they have access to land. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Team Hamish/NICE AGM Thurs 11th April 2019 - presentation including designs for Paddling Pool area and amphitheatre by Jame's Cafe

Here is a copy of the presentation as a Google document online.  You can also download the power point presentation from the NICE website here. 

Addition Support Needs cuts - information for parents and a draft e-mail to send to local councillors and Highland Council

This in from one of our regular readers who is a Highland Council employee:

"We are aware that many parents in Highland are concerned about the proposed cuts to Additional Support Needs and the loss of PSA posts. This will have an impact not only on the pupils supported by the ASN team, but on all pupils in a class.

Nairn Academy Parent Council have met with the local councillors and they are taking our concerns forward to Highland Council.

If you would also like to take action please see the Highland Parent Council Partnership website here where there is lots more information and a draft email to send to local councillors and Highland Council."

Whatever happened to the idea of a LIDL store for Nairn?

Recent conversations on social media about development at Balmakeith next to Sainsbury's got this observer thinking of way back when in 2014 when there was a consultation event in Nairn where we were shown pictures and plans of how a proposed Lidl store would look. Here's a Gurn article from the time.   And here are images we took at the consultation event that showed us what we might have been getting.

And it seems the consultation process was well received by Nairn residents. 

It's 2019 now though and nothing more has been heard from Lidl since. We decided to ask them on twitter if they were still interested. Here's what we said:

And a response came the next day
That's that then folks, doesn't look like we will see a Lidl in Nairn in the near future anyway. It is a pity because it is a cheaper shop and some families in Nairn do not have the ability to travel for bargains and so have less choice.

World Tattie Scone Championships and market - Taste of Nairn - 13th April 2019 - pictures

Individual images here. 

Random Saturday Picture - Tom Heggie speaking to some of Nairn's Green Hive environmental activists in Viewfield prior to the picnic in the park