Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Cromarty Firth proposed ship-to-ship oil transfers - Environment Secretary Richard Lochead releases statement but John Finnie MSP still critical

Below is a press statement from Richard Lochead in relation to the proposed ship to ship oil transfers at the mouth of the Cromarty Firth and further down the article John Finnie MSP's criticism of what Richard Lochead has to say. Also below a link to a P&J article that highlights that the RSPB and the National Trust have also objected to the proposal 

Sun Dancer, Bar and Restaurant - Liquor Licence Application

The details of an application for the Sun Dancer, Bar and Restaurant have been published on the Highland Council's Licensing Board pages. The application states:

"Hours applied for
On Sales: Monday- Sunday: 11.00-01.00 hrs; Off Sales: Monday-Sunday: 11.00-22.00 hrs"

Monday, February 08, 2016

Grass cutting changes on the way?

Below is a press release from Highland Council. Obviously savings are to be made so will Nairn suffer? Many in the town argue that standards should be high to promote our tourism image. What will our new area committee make of this? They might get a bit of a budget for grass cutting but will it be enough? 

"New standards have been set out for grass-cutting across the Council area to meet statutory requirements and achieve savings.

There is no statutory requirement that amenity grass must be cut, however, the Council has various duties to maintain public safety, deliver education in accordance to national standards, deliver a burial service, maintain roads and paths in a safe condition and support national play initiatives. To discharge these duties requires varying minimum standards of grass cutting to be delivered.

Results from panel and Community Council surveys during 2015 show that maintenance of burial grounds, sports pitches and play areas are a very high priority for local communities and the new arrangements will allow for prioritisation of these areas.

Grass cutting has been categorised into three groups as: Statutory with no scope for change of standard; Statutory with a reduction of standard or transferral possible; and Non-statutory where grass cutting could be reduced, ceased or transferred.

The amendment of specifications for grass cutting enables a financial saving to be secured.

Some parks, gardens and recreational spaces, banks, paths and urban verges, which have previously been regularly cut during the growing season, will be reviewed and some categories can be changed to Conservation grass.

It is intended that an allocation of the grass-cutting budget will be put to local area committees for prioritisation and local decisions in future years. There will be opportunities to also consider the transferral of some grass-cutting to community groups.

Chair of Community Services, Cllr Allan Henderson said: “This proposal allows for prioritisation of the grass cutting service across a range of areas. In this way, we will ensure our statutory requirements will be met whilst meeting minimum standards that enable some substantial savings to be made in the context of a reducing budget and a reducing workforce. This policy should also mean we have a more attractive environment for our wildlife across the Highlands.” "

Nairn River Community Council Agenda for Wednesday night

Nairn River CC will meet in the URC hall at 7.30 pm on Weds 10th of February. Agenda is available below. Click to enlarge image. 

The Flood Risk management documents that NRCC will discuss are available for here and here. 

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Transport Scotland oppose Rosebank Church plan for 9 flats

A Transport Scotland document published on the Highland Council e-planning file for the application to turn the Rosebank Church building into 9 flats states as reason(s) for refusal:

"The development would result in an increase in the demand for parking, and would lead to indiscriminate parking on the trunk road which would increase interference with the safety and free flow of traffic."

Below that on the document a note also states:

"The developer should demonstrate that there is sufficient parking available to ensure that no vehicles park on the trunk road to the detriment of road safety."

The Highland Council's Planning Transport Team have also raised a number of issues they wish to see resolved. 

For an application to turn the building into 9 flats that was received by the Highland Council in July 2010 Transport Scotland made no objection and for an application to turn the church into a day care facility  that was received in August 2014 Transport Scotland also did not object. 

To see the full history of planning applications in recent years for the Rosebank Chuch view this page on the Highland Council e-planning site. 

Breedon Agregates Highland League Cup - Nairn 2 Keith 1 Pictures Donald Matheson and Kenny MacLeod

County into the next round away to Clach on Saturday 27th after a very good game of soccer played out yesterday at Station Park. It was good to see football again after the recent cold spell. Saints had a good game too with a 6-2 win over Burghead at the Showfield. This observer got a few images of the first half there and will post sometime later if time permits. Also a few minutes of the County game on the Gurn Youtube pages here

Donald's Pictures

Kenny's pictures


Saturday, February 06, 2016

Very sad to hear that Gurn contributor Hamish Dunbar has passed away

We’re sorry to hear from Murd that his brother Hamish has passed away. Regular readers will know that Hamish contributed some interesting articles about his memories of Nairn in recent years. Hamish was 93 years old and his memories went quite a way back too, here for example you can read Hamish’s recollections of the opening of the Harbour Basin and here Nairn shopping in the 20s and 30s. 

Hamish was a mechanic before the war and joined the navy shortly after the outbreak of the conflict. He rose to the rank of Petty Officer. He served on HMS Tumult in the Mediterranean in 1944 and some of the action he witnessed is detailed in this page here. After the war he settled in Surrey where he joined the fire brigade finishing his career as Chief Officer. Thanks for your contributions to the Gurn Hamish they were very much appreciated by many of our readers.

His brother Murd told us:

"Another chapter in life has come to an end Hamish Dunbar has sadly passed on
aged 93. Over the years he was A very good source of information for the Gurn with his knowledge of Nairn back in the early years before going off to war. A time for our family to reflect on his life and achievements." 

The picture above shows a young Hamish  home on leave during the Second World War and visiting his father Duncan at 15 John Street.

Friday, February 05, 2016

After-school orienteering taster event at Nairn Links on Thur 11th Feb (1530-1645)

Morovian orienteering club tell the Gurn:

There will be an after-school orienteering taster event at Nairn Links on Thur
11th Feb (1530-1645) with 2 short easy courses (1Km and 1.6 Km). Although this is primarily for the Nairn area schools, pupils and parents from other schools are welcome. The courses have been designed by 10-year-old Eva Wiseman of Millbank Primary.

This is being organized by the Scottish Orienteering Development Officer in association with Active Schools - it's not a Moravian activity. It will be based from the wee cafe by the crazy golf. £1 a head to take part and the map's then yours to keep

Nairn Academy to move to 4 and a half day week?

The Nairn Academy website states: 

"The school newsletter is due to be published on the school website tomorrow (Wednesday). Following discussion at a Parent Council meeting tonight, the decision was to provide a paper copy per pupil as well as a copy on line. All pupils will therefore receive a copy of the newsletter on Thursday during registration and will be asked to ensure this gets home.

The newsletter will include key information on the plan to move to a 4 1/2 day week as of June 2016 along with several other Highland secondary schools. A brief outline of our curriculum plan will be provided with further details on the website. Parents are also invited to a ‘Question and Answer’ session planned for MONDAY 8 FEBRUARY at 6.30pm in the school."

Bold text inserted by Gurn editor.

Another document accessible on the Nairn Academy site entitled "Curriculum structure/format of the school day (for June 2016) "states:

"There has been discussion across all Secondary schools about school day structures to accommodate all curricular requirements. Currently there are variations on 30, 31, 32 and 33 periods/week. Some school models currently operate an asymmetric week and some have 4½ day week. HC were also considering a 4½ day week for all Secondary schools to enable more efficient timetabling across schools potentially to maximise timetable options. This is still the intended plan once transport issues are addressed in the new contract. Several schools already operate the 4½ day week model i.e. Grantown, Alness, Dingwall and Inverness High. Important to note – the school day/teaching time remains the same across the week i.e. there is no reduction in teaching/class contact time in a 4 ½ day week."

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Last day to sign local woman's ship to ship oil transfer petition

Carol Shaw tells the Gurn that today is the last day that her online petition can be signed. Copies of the petition will be going to the consultation addresses for objections to the proposal from the Cromarty Firth Port Authority's for ship to ship transfers at the mouth of the Cromarty Firth.  Another copy will be going to Richard Lochead MSP. 

The petition has now nearly reached 3,000 signatures and is available here. 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A96 dual carriageway and Nairn bypass going to be good for cyclists and walkers? Drop-in sessions Thurs 4th and Friday 5th February in Nairn.

Regular readers will recall speculation on the Gurn about how cyclists might benefit from the construction of a bypass. Tomorrow there is an opportunity to pop over to the Community Centre to see the latest bypass tweaks from Transport Scotland. Their press release states:

"Proposed Changes to A96 Dualling Scheme On Display- Improved route for cyclists and walkers"
and "In addition, they will be able to see developing proposals for non-motorised users which includes over 18 miles off—carriageway shared-use facilities which will improve safety for cyclists, equestrians and walkers while also helping connect local communities along the route." Full article here.

You can pop over and see the latest details on the bypass tomorrow and on Friday  in the Community and Arts Centre:

"Thursday 4 and Friday 5 February 2016 – 12 noon – 7 pm – Nairn Community and Arts Centre, King Street, Nairn IV12 4BQ‬ "
And it looks like there is a level of cyclist satisfaction emerging with the proposals in Inverness today already.

Highland Council to make response to ship-to-ship oil transfers proposal

One of our regular readers pointed to a part of the Cromarty and District Community Council objection to the proposed ship to ship oil transfers at the mouth of the Cromarty Firth which states:

"A similar proposal for Ship to Ship transfer of oil in the Firth of Forth was withdrawn amongst objections from the Local Authority of major spills being possible of the entire tanker capacity - in this case a maximum of 180,000 tonnes." A copy of the full Cromarty and District CC objection here.  

Our correspondent then wondered if Highland Council had yet made a submission to the Cromarty Firth Port Authority's proposal. We asked Glenurquhart Road if they had already done so or would be making a submission soon. Their reply was very prompt. 

A Highland Council spokesperson said: “Highland Council will submit a response on 8th Feb. The topic will be included in the Planning Development and Infrastructure Committee agenda of 17th Feb."

Given the considerable disquiet surrounding this application for ship to ship oil transfers this observer would think it impossible that Highland Council would not reflect the concerns of the community and seek the  rejection this proposal. It isn't clear however who will be deciding the content of the response (which will be submitted on the final day of the consultation) and how that then lines up for the Planning Development and Infrastructure Committee meeting. Presumably the submission will be in the public domain at the earliest opportunity?

Anyone wishing to make representations on the application has until the 8th Febuary and can find details on how to do so on this Cromarty and District Community Council page. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Cromarty Community Council produce 35 page objection to proposed ship-to-ship oil transfers

The objection states:  "A similar proposal for Ship to Ship transfer of oil in the Firth of Forth was withdrawn amongst objections from the Local Authority of major spills being possible of the entire tanker capacity - in this case a maximum of 180,000 tonnes.

The application has not demonstrated it contains measures to protect one of the most environmentally sensitive sites in the UK as required by regulation. The Inner Moray Firth has a major concentration of bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus. The bottlenose dolphin population is the only known resident population in the North Sea - one of only 2 within the UK both of which are considered to be of importance at European level. It is also the most northerly population and the Moray Firth SAC is the only area in Scotland which is designated for bottlenose dolphins. The anchorage sites are within an area that is highly used by the dolphin population and no consideration of this has been given by the applicant. Should this application be allowed to go ahead, it is considered there is potential to impact on the integrity of the dolphin population, both through operational transfer activities and in the event of oil spill. This will create economic hardship to people and businesses of the town of Cromarty and the wider Black Isle which benefits significantly from growing levels of ecotourism associated with the bottlenose dolphin population. Ecotourism is considered a sustainable and beneficial use of the natural resources of the Cromarty Firth, ship to ship oil transfers bring no benefits except to the Cromarty Firth Port Authority. The Scottish Government initiative “Awakening the Giant” seems not to be considered in this regard."

The full objection and the pages of supporting data can be read here.

The final page states:
"The report was prepared Report prepared in line with concerns from the residents of Cromarty and District by:

Duncan Bowers, Cromarty resident. (Tech IOSH, NEBOSH Dip)
Safety Practitioner (Retired). Licence application experience including Wadenzee licence project under European legislation. North Caspian project licences under The Tehran Convention Framework with trans-border oil spill response planning. Shipbuilding engineering background + 35 years international oil and gas industry experience.


Dr Greg Fullarton, MCIEEM, MSB, C.Biol – Cromarty resident, with BSc. and Ph.D. in marine biology, 20+ years post qualification experience including undertaking HRA’s."

Monday, February 01, 2016

Town centre A96 potholes again causing concern

Some drivers are taking evasive action to avoid the growing number of pot holes on the stretch between the town bridge and Grants Garage. Not good really to have to consider doing that on such a busy stretch of road.  BEAR staff must travel this route most days. Surely they are aware? Not a pleasant experience too for pedestrians as bits of road fly up to the pavement as the disintegration continues but, unfortunately nothing new.

We've reported it on the online form BEAR provide here. 

River rising - video 1st February 2016

The overnight snow melt and the continuing rainfall had a quick effect on the River Nairn this afternoon. At 16.39 a flood warning was issued by SEPA for Nairnside (Cawdor) - details on the SEPA site here. 

This observer also took a stroll down the harbour as the light started to go last night.


Riverside Play Park renewal - It's a bit wild out this evening but there is an important meeting on tonight

The Highland Council Facebook page states:

Riverside (Nairn) play park renewal 
A public meeting is being held to form a group which will develop a Big Lottery Application to renew the amenity area. The speaker is Kate MacLennan, Highland Council who has previously supported successful lottery funded groups. All Welcome and Refreshments provided. Come along to the Nairn Community and Arts Centre, Conference Room (1st Floor) on Monday 1st February, 7.30pm

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Traffic Report: objections stacking up at the proposed Ghost Island turn-off to Delnies Development

We reported on the re-emergence of the "Ghost Island" proposal back at Christmas time. More information here. 

The idea of such a junction into proposed developments that could include both Sandown and Delnies housing in the future instead of a roundabout is not going down well second time around. 

Just a few bitties plucked from the objections page on the Highland Council's e-planning site:

"The proposed "T" Junction with Ghost Island will be on a stretch of the A96 which is extremely dangerous with heavy traffic at peak times and fast traffic at all times. The T junction is at a point where there is a hollow in the road and east bound traffic travelling fast on the A96 from the Ardersier Junction cannot see west bound cars in this depression. The east bound drivers think the road is clear for overtaking when it is not. Traffic queuing in a ghost island or attempting to exit from the "T" junction is going to be dangerously vulnerable.
The Nairn Bypass has not been built yet and until such time as it has been completed it is impossible to estimate traffic flow on this detrunced section of the A96."

"The very fast road will be a very high accident risk for traffic leaving the housing scheme. For those turning left views will be obstructed by cars waiting to turn right increasing the danger. Drivers will become frustrated and take risks. Interestingly not long after the last Cawdor attempt to set aside the requirement for the roundabout,I was sitting in the ghost lane at the Whiteness junction waiting to turn right. A 4x4 pulled out from behind a lorry and overtook despite my being in his way!"

"There will I assume at peak time in the morning be significant traffic flows from the housing development wanting to turn right towards Inverness and left towards Nairn. Those turning right will usually have to wait several minutes, and a queue will build up behind them, increasing frustration generally and increasing the temptation to "take a chance". Those turning left will have less of a problem, but will have to be aware of the factors I instance above. If this "outward" flow is matched by an "inward" flow from Nairn wanting to turn right, that will make it even more difficult for those coming out and turning right."

Gurnites can read more here on the appliction's e-planning pages on the Highland Council site. There are objections both under the comments tab and also more to read under the documents tab where there are submissions from the Community Councils and the Residents Concern Group and one other. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

If we've missed anything you sent us this week...

Please let us know if we've missed anything, posters etc. It's been quite a hectic week so just remind us if anything has been missed. 

Nairn Health Group January Newsletter


Nairn Healthcare is delighted to announce that our Assistant Manager, Tanya Bowie, has accepted the role of Practice Manager. Tanya has been a part of the team for 21 years and we wish her well in her new post. 

We also welcomed back Dr Amy Carter from maternity leave. Dr Carter will be available from the 18th January. 


Patients may have noticed Nairn Healthcare’s waiting room is exhibiting a new arrange of artwork.

The art exhibition has been loaned to us from charity organisation, Art in Healthcare (AiH). Art in Healthcare’s aim is for original, contemporary art to be accessible to everyone in care environments for the enhancement of health and well-being. 

Dr Audrey Banks, Lorraine Lynch (Office Supervisor) and Enita Wesmoreland, Collection Manager from AiH selected paintings for the waiting area and Nairn Healthcare has them for a period of 2 years. 

Apparently this is the first time it has come to the Highlands!

Healthy eating and exercise

Now that the festive period is over the New Year resolutions start, a lot of which involve diet and exercise. Exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50%. It can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy and reduce your risk of stress, depression and dementia.

A healthy diet contains food from the four major food groups to give us the energy and nutrients we need. There is a lot of conflicting information on  healthy diets. However a balanced diet with low or no added sugars will  
improve your health. Drinking plenty of fluids with no added sugar and  
eating fresh food will help your overall wellbeing.

Christmas Jumper Day

After a successful Christmas Jumper Day on the 16th December, Nairn Healthcare managed to raise £125.68 for The Archie Foundation. We would like to thank all patients that kindly donated to the children’s charity. 

RPIW Workshop

Back in October, Nairn Healthcare participated in the Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW). The aim was to improve patient access to the surgery and to ensure that our patients are able to see the right person at the right time. We were also hoping to inform patient’s of other services that are available to them.
We are now 90 days in to the process and have come up with some positive changes for patients.

Signage and Zoning

There is new signage in our waiting area. Our waiting area houses 22 consulting rooms and is extremely large. We found that patients were sitting at the opposite end of the room they were being examined in therefore we introduced more appropriate signs and divided the waiting area into four zones. Patient’s time with the clinician has increased as they are now getting to the desired room quicker. Also, by introducing signage to encourage patient to use self check-in, the waiting time at the reception desk has been reduced.

 Did not attend (DNA) rates

Nairn Healthcare has introduced a text reminder service. We also have a new practice policy so patients will receive a letter if they fail to attend two appointments within the year. If they continue to fail to attend their appointments, they will no longer be allowed to pre-book an appointment and an appointment date and time will be allocated by the surgery. Since the introduction of our new text reminder service and letters our DNA rate has improved by 50%. If you would like to be included in the text reminder service, please call the surgery on 01667 452096 and inform the receptionist of your mobile number. 

 Appointment Changes

Since the introduction of our new appointment system, we are offering more pre-bookable appointments and telephone consultations. As a whole, our appointment capacity has increased by 18.5% and telephone consultations by 57%. If you require medical attention, you will be spoken to by a nurse or a GP to start with so that you can discuss the best way for your problem to be dealt with.

Local Loon has great result in McGrady Insurance ANICC Junior 1000 Rally

One of our correspondents tells the Gurn:

"Local loon Peter Beaton (Nairn) and his navigator Kenny Foggo (North Kessock). were competing in the McGrady Insurance ANICC Junior 1000 Rally Challenge Ireland. This is the first round of a series or rallies, the first took place in Kirkistown near Belfast where he came 4th and this was only his 3rd time rallying. He did have time to make up after a couple of mistakes but that has made him more determined to finish better next time. He is going to be really busy this year as he is also competing in the Scottish juniors with another local boy Jude MacDonald (Culloden) this means he has 14 events this year."

2016 McGrady Insurance Junior 1000 Rally Challenge Ireland- Rnd 1 Positions 

1st Josh McErlean / Thomas McErlean Peugeot 107 33m04.3s
2nd Peter Bennett / Arthur Kierans Nissan Micra + 35.2 s
3rd Ruari Bell/ Jim Crozier Peugeot 107 + 2m01.9s
4th Peter Beaton/ Kenny Foggo Nissan Micra + 6m48.3s 

Driver Championship Points after Round 1                          
1 Josh McErlean          12
2  Peter Bennett          10                                                                               

3  Ruairi Bell               8          
4  Peter Beaton           7    

Further details of the rally and images plus details of further rounds on this facebook page here.

SNP position on ship-to-ship oil transfers at mouth of Cromarty Firth "bewildering" says John Finnie MSP

In a press release concerning proposed ship-to-ship oil transfers at the mouth of the Cromarty Firth, John Finnie, MSP, provides links which contrast the recent statement of Councillor Maxine Smith, Leader of the SNP Group on the Highland Council to the stance of Richard Lochhead, MSP, back in 2007. 

John, who will be standing as a Green List candidate for the Holyrood elections states in relation to similar ship to ship transfers that were proposed in the Firth of Forth:

"In his first speech as Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment in 2007 (24th May), Richard Lochhead, MSP for Moray, said that “many members of the public and members across the Parliament consider that even a scintilla of environmental risk is unacceptable.”

"Mr Lochhead continued: “I believe that the Parliament—and, indeed, Scotland—desires to be able to prevent ship-to-ship oil transfers and proposals that could pose a threat to our precious marine and coastal environments in the Firth of Forth or elsewhere. That is what I intend to achieve.”"

Mr Finnie goes on: "Yet, as the consultation about the proposed plans by Cromarty Firth Port Authority to transfer oil between ships at the mouth of the Cromarty Firth draws to a close, the response from Richard Lochhead and the SNP Government has been bewildering. "

This issue of proposed ship-to-ship oil transfers is boiling away on local social media groups and this observer would imagine that that is being repeated in other parts of the Moray Firth. One would imagine too that the many thousands of photographers and other wildlife enthusiasts that visit the Cromarty beaches to see the Dolphins and other wildlife every year will also be showing an interest in the proposed ship-to-ship transfers. Many local residents will also be wishing to hear the views of local SNP MPs and MSPs on the matter.  Anyway John Finnie's views are emphatic, he states:

"“This operation is unsafe, unnecessary and undesirable. In my view, and the view of the affected communities, it simply must not go ahead.”

Links provided in John Finnie's release are as follows:

Richard Lochhead’s full speech can be found here: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/sp/?id=2007-05-24.112.0

Scottish Government response featured including comments attributed to Cllr Maxine Smith in this news article: http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/culture/outlander-author-backs-petition-to-protect-dolphins-1-4013997

Nairn Healthcare and Ardersier Surgery closures next Thursday afternoon 4th February

The Local Healthcare group tell us:

"Nairn Healthcare will be closed from 1.30pm on Thursday 4th February for a staff training afternoon. Ardersier branch surgery will close at 1pm. The surgery will re-open at 8.30am on Friday 5th February."

Bratach do dh'Inbhir Narann?

"Chaidh moladh gun deadh beachdachadh air bratach a dhealbh airson Inbhir Narann, beagan làithean às dèidh do Ghallaibh am bratach aca fhèin fhoillseachadh.

'S ann bho Dhes Scholes, a tha na bhall de Chomhairle Choimhearsnachd Inbhir Narann, a nochd am moladh, 's blog aige air a bheil "A Gurn from Nurn".

Tha e den bheachd nach eil Inbhir Narann glè thric air aithneachadh mar sgìre air leth bho Inbhir Nis, agus gur e dòigh a bhiodh an seo airson sin a leasachadh.

"Tha cruaidh-fheum againn air beagan fhèin-aithne saoilidh mi agus 's e àite sònraichte a th' ann ... tha sinn beagan fo smachd Inbhir Nis agus airson a bhith beagan eadar-dhealaichte nì bratach a' chùis airson a h-uile càil - turasachd, seòrsa thuathanasan a th' againn - fèin-aithne mar a chanas mi agus 's dòcha fiù 's spòrs". "

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Highland Council move the goalposts!

Down at the Riverside pitch in ongoing efforts to make the playing surface available for Welfare League sides participating in the Winter League. Gurnites may remember manager of Jacko's side Craig Walker speaking to the Gurn. Local councillors were quick to listen to his concerns. 

Previous article "Grass roots football in Nairn badly served by facilities says manager of Championship side Jackos" here.

Flagging up a bit of a blether

Our previous article "We've got the Nairnshire Committee back - now how about following Caithness and having a flag for Nairnshire?" flagged up a comment or two both here on the Gurn and over at Nairn Rocks and even at the Balblair Banter page - yellow and black a good option to include perhaps :-) One suggestion to that there was a flag once used by one of the previous Councils before Nairn District Council. Then there was an enigmatic comment from Spurtle:

"It's already a work in progress..... but can't say too much yet. Cogs are turning :)." Sounds good Spurtle, spill the beans - Do you mean a competition open to all? That would be the best way. Anyway our congratulations sent up north via twitter got the following responses.

So there we go citizens, Spurtle has proved to be well-informed in the past. There could be something brewing and we also have an offer of expert help.

UPDATE Friday 8.12: Stephen Fuller and Liz MacDonald looking to take this idea forward to area committee.