Sunday, June 05, 2005

Message from the Basa

The Basa ( writes to assue Rhys that he didn't snap up any Rhys domains.
Not up to speed with this read:
Edinburgh Council mandarins in blogger bother
The Basa also assures us he is not American. Might be worth watching this
site for interesting developments? I certainly think so.
Today the Basa offers on his site:
In the interests of being good citizens we are willing to hand over all domains owned by at no cost (i.e. FREE) to the City of Edinburgh Council to further the city’s branding effort. There is now one final condition:
That Interbrand, they agency who neglected to register the domains and who have earned so much of the £880,000 donate at least ONE PERCENT of that amount, £8,800, to the Patients Fund at the Fillieside Section of Findlay House, formerly Findlay Ward, Eastern General Hospital, Edinburgh.
Sin thu fhèin Bhasa, sin thu fhèin

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