Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A city called Nairn

Iright is becoming alarmed by the numbers proposed for new towns and villages in our area. The beeb has it all here. He says:
'OK, I'm not normally a NIMBY, but this news makes me feel as though I'm about to start living in a city rather than a town called Nairn! '
I share your concern iright having seen the mess that Inverness has become. I think we are about to see the same mistakes all the way along the coast to Nairn and beyond and behind. Is this a real plan for the future or just a knee-jerk reaction to demand from people that want to come and live here? Would it not be easier just to draw lines around a few fields and trees that would be kept for parks and sports fields and perhaps allotments!
'Councillors will be asked on Monday to support the A96 corridor proposals and agree on funding to further examine the plans. ' Any chance we might get to have our say first, or will the 500 strong army that wrote letters to demand Viewfield be left alone have to reach for their biros and keyboards again?

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Bill said...

OK, folks, I live adjacent to what might be called the Hyde Park of Nairn (ha ha) and I have no personal interest in the job situation in and around Nairn, or indeed anywhere else. But it strikes me, as an economically disinterested party, that part of the reason why Nairn is a backwater, even when compared to the local area which until about five or so years ago was equally bereft of economic future, is that the local people have somehow or other contrived to stifle any worthwhile development in and around the town and if what you suggest comes to pass, then I suspect history may be about to repeat itself. It seems really bizarre to me, but whada I know? For my part, I hope this South Dalcross idea, or whatever it is eventually called, gets the go-ahead.