Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Heading out on the highway?

The Gurn notes that a senior Highland Councillor, Bob Wynd, is calling for a motorway linking Inverness and Aberdeen, no messing about with a fiddly little dual-carriageway for him. Looks like the Gurn’s tongue in cheek call for a super-highway along the seafront doubling as sea defences may become a reality yet.
How about some cheaper public transport while we are waiting for these miracles to arrive: you never know it might cut the numbers on the road. And how about some decent jobs in Nairn, so that everyone doesn’t have to join the morning exodus west if they want to try and earn some decent money?

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Nairn said...

Looks as though if Bob chose the boys with the blackstuff who carried out the recent repairs to the west town part of the A96, then the new super highway could be built for the price of a couple of pints and a packet of fags. This section of road still awaits quaint finishing touches such as road markings and this is weeks post their work.
Mr Darlings new road charging plans might make the cost of travel to Aberdeen £130.00 - I jest (I think), but fully support the plan to charge road users. The downside is that more folk will fly places as there is still no tax on air fuel.
Maybe we should all buy microlights and take to the skies