Thursday, June 02, 2005

Edinburgh Council mandarins in blogger bother

The Scotsman reports:
'THE agency behind Edinburgh's new advertising slogan "Inspiring Capital" has been left red-faced after an aggrieved resident snapped up the internet site with the same name.
Instead of reading about the city's attractions, anyone logging on to finds a tirade of abuse levelled at senior Edinburgh councillors.
The offending website carries the catchphrase "Looking for Inspiration? Not here dude". '
The domains are now owned by and the blog states:
' does own the domain names,, and We have these registered in our name and are more than willing to hand them over to the city fathers, at no cost to the city.'
Oh don't you just love the blogosphere. Read about this today thanks to looking at Independence


Rhys Wynne said...

'Dude', 'Sucks' ? Must be an American. They've also nicked all the domain name's with 'Rhys' in them. Grrr

I notice you have a link to one of my blogs and to Morfablog in your sidebar under the heading 'Ceanglaichean'. I'm greatful for the link and have noticed the very same list of links on another Gaelic blog as well I'm sure. Is there a script that someones's created which you can insert into your template for the list then to magically appear? If so what is it, and also can you tell me what Ceanglaichean means?
I've guessed that Blog sa Chuimris means 'A Welsh Blog' or 'A Blog in Welsh'.

Rhys Wynne said...

Thanks, will send you an e-mail. I'm thinking of posting something about Gaelic blogs soon and might decide to have a permanent list og blogs on my personal blog, even though I havn't even got a list of Welsh language Blogs up yet.
If you're at all bothered, you can change English words like 'comment's' , 'home' etc very easily in your template, and if you look at the dates on 'Dysgwyr De Ddwyrain' you'll notice they are in Welsh as well. The dates bit isn't easy to change and it took someone with a bit of IT experience to write a script for that.