Monday, June 06, 2005

Auldearn housing scheme scandal: the truth emerges

The Gurn has been following the complaints coming from Auldearn about the council holding meetings ‘in camera’ concerning proposed housing schemes. There seems to be a growing loss of confidence in the planning process per se in this part of Nairnshire. So under the guise of visiting the annual St Colm’s fair we sent an undercover reporter to investigate and he too came away shocked by the contempt being evidenced towards the planning process and was also unimpressed by the new housing. No wonder the citizens of Auldearn are up in arms! This is what happens when ‘social housing’ is allowed in the neighbourhood.

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Nairn said...

From your photo the social housing appears to be a complete time warp. Although the tents look quite well organised, and there is a fire for folk to warm themslves by, and what looks like some kind of food tent.
Was good to see that the Provost was busy sizzling some provisions for the poor folk of Auldearn. 'Let them eat sausage', we'll keep the pies for Nairn folk