Friday, June 03, 2005

Mega-city Nairn: a warning from California

A regular visitor to Nairn is alarmed by the recent proposals released to the press and has put fingers to the keyboard and written to the Gurn.

'While I would never be against a bit of progress for Nairn I must say when I read in the Scotsman about these newly planned "towns" I raised an eyebrow and pursed my lips. Unless careful attention is paid to the goings on this whole area will be the LA of the North. Totally unacceptable. They try to pack as much into the smallest amount of space to make a bit more money. Never ever think for a moment that reasonably priced housing with any space around you at all is even the most remote consideration by professional builders. The houses will probably not even fit into the cultural style of the Highlands. I am not against progress but the devil is always in the details....'


Graisg said...

Tapaidh leat B:
There is a lot of alarm voiced in the Inverness Courier today. We'll see now what kind of debate ensues. Our Provost Sandy Park is the chairman of the planning committee so now doubt he'll be getting some soundings over the pie counter.

Nairn said...

Maybe we could have a community buy out of the land concerned between Nairn and Inverness. That way we could keep it green and house free