Tuesday, June 21, 2005

On our way to winter now

Solstice finishes, the wheel has turned ha! ha! Do you get the feeling that the best is still to come this year.


Nairn said...

wheelie nice picture :-) always thought winter started after games day thugh this year who knows

Graisg said...

No Settee visit since the winter but hopes are high.
There is an amazing amount of different sorts of wood that came down the river in the last spate: great fun for bairns and those who still want to be bairns but I suppose it won't be long before the whole lot gets bulldozed and collected. Much more of a real experience for visitors if they find things on the beach.
2230 and an interesting optical illusion is predicted for the moon ekim - well according to the TV. There is cloud around however and the event is supposed to happen just as the moon emerges above the horizon. We shall see if it turns into a digicam experience.

Nairn said...

Not sure I'll still be in it by 2230 Graisg but thanks for the tip. Wood was also good on the unclean West beach last night, so much so that I took a few arty photos of the sunset through the roots of trees, Wonder if Damien Hurst would be interested in any of them?