Friday, July 22, 2005

Nairnshire still in line to be dismantled.

The Boundary Commission seem determined to push ahead and cut off Cawdor from Nairnshire and throw that area in with Smithton, Balloch, Culloden and Ardersier. Effectively this will be the end of the historic unit that made up Nairnshire. Provost Sandy Park is quoted in the press as saying, ‘It’s now up to the public to stand up and be counted.’ It will be interesting to see however if there is the stomach to put up a fight. A lot of people have moved into the Nairn and Cawdor areas in recent years and they might not be so willing to defend a Nairnshire identity and perhaps look towards Inverness for their employment, pleasure and shopping activities. This could be the tipping point where if no one puts up a struggle, then Nairn gets swallowed up once and for all in the new Inverness mega-city consciousness.
Cawdor Post Office and Village Stores - Changing boundaries soon?

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