Thursday, August 22, 2019

Nairn Academy rebuild any further forward or kicked into the long grass once again? Watch the Highland Council webcast and you decide!

Nairn Academy Rebuild any further forward or kicked into the long grass once again? Watch the webcast and you decide. Click see more to get times on vid where, Liz, Peter and Tom (oor Cooncillors) speak. Here's something from the Highland Council press office:

"Members have, at a special council meeting today, agreed a top priority for the Scottish Government New Schools Investment Programme bid.

Members agreed that the proposed Tain 3-18 Campus project is nominated as The Highland Council’s priority for consideration by the Scottish Government for inclusion in the initial phase of the New Schools Investment Programme with a delivery timescale by the end of 2021.

A second priority will be to secure funding to provide a new campus at Broadford as the Highland Council recognises Broadford as a high priority in the next phase of school infrastructure investment.

Members also agreed that Council will seek to secure funding to provide a replacement school for Nairn Academy through a bid to the further, larger, phase of investment from the Schools Investment Programme, in conjunction with the planned refresh of the Council’s Capital Programme."

Any way folks. Watch Liz MacDonald speak at 16.02 in (Only lip service has been paid to Nairn as a contender).

Peter Sagers at 23.30 (overall I do not feel that Nairn Academy has had a fair crack of the whip).

Tom Heggie at 45.55 (Why did Nairn disappear off a priority list, no one has been able to tell me). Tom sets out the state of the building here, doesn't sound good folks.

Cllr Saggers proposed an amendment towards the end to give more impetus to a Nairn Academy rebuild but he withdrew it when it emerged that changing chacement areas would mean a consultation period that could take 2 years.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing more than expected.

Do I see the first steps towards tom heggie getting to grips with the fact that the highland council ignores Nairn whenever possible and not just in this school development. There is a definite bias against Nairn at Glenurquhart Road and this is evident in the paper discussed in the webcast. Did I see a grievance cracking the surface at the end of his monologue that the highland council can make bad decisions? Maybe heggie and the other three will begin to learn to respect the Nairn Community Councils. The CCs have been battling this HC attitude for a long time now.