Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Road resurfacing on A96 - BEAR consultation falls short by a vast margin says Community Councillor

River CC (in abeyance) Community Councillor Hamish Bain told the Gurn:

"We read on the Gurn a press release from Bear that "Consultation has taken place with local residents in advance of the resurfacing to make them aware of the traffic management arrangements and to minimise any inconvenience." 

As you know we live on the A96 and can assure you that no such consultation has taken place. However this morning the attached was delivered to our postbox.

The letter is dated 22nd August 2019. If this is the implied consultation then it falls short by a vast margin of expected performance by any group let alone a group contracted to a National Government. It is a very poor notification leaving no time for alternative arrangements to be made by or for any susceptible people. There are many very elderly people living in Sutors Avenue and no consideration has been taken for these vulnerable people.

As Community Councillors for this area we are very disappointed in the tardiness shown by Bear and the apparent lack of respect given in publishing the press release without actually having held a consultation as far as we are aware. We have written to Bear asking for clarification on the consultation dates and whom the consultees are. We have, as yet, not received any response directly."

Below is a copy of the letter received by Hamish and his neighbours. 


Nairn Mannie said...

The work needs to be done. As with all projects like this there will be disturbance. It's my streets turn tonight. Am I complaining? No. Once the work is complete it will make the road noise quieter (especially at night)so for the sake of a few nights disturbance we will have years of benefit.

Linda said...

Nairn Mannie @ 7.28 AM

You have misinterpreted the comments from the Community Councillor by insinuating that he is complaining. You should read the article again, more carefully, and look at precisely what he is saying.
The Councillor is merely pointing out the fact that there has not been any consultation with residents. You do not say if you have had consultation, I would be interested in knowing if you have?
My Grandparents bedroom is at the back of the house, they are having to shift into the front bedroom for the few nights it will take to complete the works. If we had had some consultation we would have been more prepared for it, considering two people in their mid nineties cannot move a bed on their own, and they will obviously suffer from the effects of this disruption. Perhaps you are not of a similar age, but you may be one day, and having to depend on others to help you have the independence of still being able to live in your own home. All that is required is some common decency, something that is very scare in society nowadays. So full marks to the Councillor for highlighting this neglect, I for one am in agreement with him. I look forward to receiving your reply regarding consultation.

Another Nairn Mannie said...

Quieter?...the A96...are you serious? The road going through Nairn is a nightmare and no amount of improvements will make any difference. Bypass desperately needed now. Everyone wants to go east or west in a hurry, and the speeding is getting worse.

Consultation Consultant said...

Rather like the 'consultation' for relocating the Post Office

Nairn Mannie. said...

Well I'm pleased to say the work and the "noise" has passed. No disturbance, not even with our bedroom window open! The only sound we heard (apart from the usual background sounds)was the faint sound of the reversing beeping of vehicles.

As someone who wakes up at 5:00am to get ready for work, I can honestly say the inconvenience was nil.

I now look forward to years of less road noise than before.

Exactly what consultation would you expect for making things better?

James Logan Ralph said...

I am glad that the works so far have not disturbed 'Nairn Mannie', though this has not been the experience of others. The works are progressing well as we move into the second week - see how the other half of the Town gets on.
Linda, Another Nairn Mannie & Consultation Consultant seem to get what I think the Counsellor is getting at - Why state that a consultation has taken place when none has? - Public Relations? Duplicity?
Its what is happening more often, state a consultation has happened or actually hold one where it is in effect an information event - "this is what is happening and you have no power to change it".
Developers; Councils; Public Bodies and even Private companies are well aware of this underhand method of containing and directing public opinion.

Its time that the people directed things again; its time that consultations took place before the plans are written or drawn up. Its time that the people made the decisions and not just presented with a fait accompli.
Its what the Scottish Government wants. Its time.

Anonymous said...

Oh no it's started, what a ...... racket. Have to close the window, maybe sleep in another room.

Anonymous said...

Is Nairn Mannie deaf? Last night was a nightmare here, and today the traffic noise of vehicles going over the road which has been ripped up is horrendous. It is making me feel sick, and having to keep windows closed in this humid weather is difficult.

Nairn Mannie. said...

Well I suppose we should just let the pot holes get wider, deeper and more dangerous!

The road has been needing fixed for years, I'm sure some of the folk complaining about it getting fixed are the same folk complaining about the condition of the very same road.

Consultation for road works! If we go down this path no repair work will ever be done.

And yes, I did get a letter telling me the work was going to happen, when it was going to happen and I didn't need any-more than that.