Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bridge issues - leaves at Firhall and a potential wire problem for the swans at the Railway Bridge?

Murd needs someone to take over the leaf clearing responsibilities on the Firhall Bridge he tells the Gurn:

"Owing to the fact I am waiting to go back into Hospital for operation to sort out a hernia and not able to remove the leaves off the bridge as I have done over the years. In fact they are now blocking the drain holes and with the frost now upon us the bridge will be become very dangerous.

Hopefully there is some one out there who will clear the bridge.
I don't see the point in asking the Council as will probably get the standard answer NO money for that or be told it is not their responsibility as the bridge is on the education committee books (strange but true still not sorted to proper committee in the year 2016) Lets hope some of the leaf gatherers will under take the job for the safety of those who can get across and up the steps."

And the new fence is up now on top of the Railway Bridge, one of our regular readers contacted us to say that they thought that they might be a potential hazard for the swans. Sometimes the local ones and visitors too, when the territorial punch-ups commence, will take off and fly up the river and over the bridge, this observer has seen this quite a few times over the years. The new railings and wire are grey and might not be seen perhaps by bigger birds. There have been tragedies locally before with swans hitting wires. 

The Gurn understands that the swan mannie is now on the case and has received an e-mail response from Scotrail about a request for bird deflectors to be placed on the railings. His correspondence is now in the system and will be in the hands of the engineers soon.  

One of our photographers from our Boathpark Bureau was able to get a picture of the new wires yesterday afternoon. 
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