Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mother of pupils at Millbank starts on line funding drive to raise funds to replace items stolen during recent break-in at the school

Louise Alexander, a parent of pupils at Millbank School, has started an online fund-raiser following the recent break-in at Millbank, on the Crowd-funder page she says:

"To raise as much funds as possible to replace all of the items that were stolen from Millbank Primary School"

"Millbank primary school was sadly broken into over the weekend of the 11th of November. We are now trying to raise as much funds as possible to replace all of the items stolen, including several ipads (which are used by some pupils as a form of communication), cameras and money. Any donations would be gratefully received."


Loss Adjustor said...

Was there no insurance to cover these items?

Graisg said...

seems schools are not insured

Anonymous said...

Who'd have thunk it?

Anonymous said...

What tremendous support from the local community.

Well done Nairn!

Such a horrible act committed by just a handful makes you doubt humanity - then something like this happens and you realize that actually people are incredible.

We only normally hear about the bad apples - but this shows that a barrel should never be judged!

Anonymous said...

what a rotten shame. Insurance might help to recoup some of the costs, but no doubt the premiums will be increased due to the break in? I love the idea of crowd funding, brilliant idea and well done to whoever thought of it.