Sunday, November 13, 2016

Excercise to prevent problems from happening - videos from last week's Nairn Health Promotion Afternoon.

Three videos below. Alan Bulcraig (head physiotherapist at Nairn Hospital) spoke last Wednesday at the Health Promotion event in the Community and Arts centere about the ways we can all exercise to prevent health problems occuring.

The first video features Alan, the second is a preventative medicine health promotion video with some remarkable statistics of how exercise helps us stay healthy - this video was played during Alan's presentation. The third video contains the final session with Alan. 

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Anonymous said...

Again, well done Nairn for this presentation by your local Health care provider. It is very difficult nowadays to get seen at many GP clinics, but Nairn is one where most people, when there is a need, will get a telephone consultation and follow up on the same day by a Duty Nurse or Doctor. Nairn community must be so proud to be leading this initiative throughout not only Scotland, but the whole of the UK! I dont think perhaps we understand or fully appreciate the hard work that has been put in by Dr Baker and team since mid 2000. I for one am grateful for the outstanding care I receive from the Nairn Healthcare Group and the follow up which cannot be easy with such a diverse population in terms of age and ailments. Please pass on my thanks, one very anonymous but grateful patient.