Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cuts to funding for Nairn Community Centre and also Nairn Sports Club discussed at Glenurquhart Road

Third Sector Culture and Leisure Funding was discussed at a Special Meeting of Education, Children and Adult Services Committee on Friday in Inverness. As part of the cuts the Community Centre and Nairn Sports Club will be losing all their funding  in two years time. The webcast of that meeting is here - go to 15 minutes in the video and you can hear Liz MacDonald speak, the leader of the Council responds to her and there is also a contribution from Michael Green. A bit of hope of something changing in the future out of all that or are we stuffed?

Also embedded below is that video, there is a start button in the middle of it and then you'll have to move it forward to 15 mins to see Nairn cuts debated.

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Paul said...

And Nairn Museum is similarly blighted according to an article in the Nairnshire a couple of weeks ago. These are dark times.