Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Campervan debate - advice written for campervaners by a campervan owner on what is acceptable in Scotland

Thanks to the regular reader who pointed us in the direction of an online article entitled "Wild camping in Scotland - camper vans and motor homes". It will be an interesting read for anyone who has opinions on the parking of campervans at the Harbour. Here at the Gurn we have no problem with it,  they seem sensible folk, lots of them family orientated and they have money to spend - let's take it from them if they want to give it to us. 

The article posted in the online site "Wild about Scotland" gives a good perspective from a campervaning point of view. The author acknowledges there can be problems and urges responsible behaviour. An opportunity for Nairn's powers that be to gather some intelligence and work with such folk to ensure we continue to have trouble free campervanning at the harbour?  The article is available here. 

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Anonymous said...

Most folk with a camper\MH take away their rubbish and are no bother to the town folk paying for meals, using the town and so forth. Additionally any ‘No Overnight Parking’ signs are NOT enforceable and are ONLY advisory unless specific byelaws are in place AND the signs are official i.e. not yellow backgrounds with black lettering. There are only a few places in Scotland with lawful\enforceable 'No overnight parking' signs and byelaws.

Additionally, if the councillors decide to charge for the right to park overnight, this would only be advisable and not enforceable, it’s a can of worms. If tourists have been travelling for hours, then as the Highway code advises, pull over and take a nap. The council would be effectively taking away a safety net for those whom are tired and require to stop for a wee rest. The west coast crofters on Harris use a similar idea but again it’s only advisory to add a fiver to their 'pot'.

If for whatever reason it did become some sort of byelaw to pay to park overnight, then the council would also has to provide additional facilities such as waste disposable points, bins that are emptied every other day or so, fresh clean water and so forth.

Finally what has happened to hospitality nowadays

How about charging the boy racers instead eh Mr & Mrs Councillor?