Thursday, November 03, 2016

Highland Council to take grass cutting back "in-house"

Amenity Services including Grass cutting for The Highland Council will be provided by an in-house service from the beginning of the financial year 2017/18.

Members of the Council’s Community Services Committee have agreed to establish an in-house operation with a revised management structure and new performance management system.

The current cost of providing grass cutting services throughout the Highlands is £2.393 million, included in an overall Grounds Maintenance budget of £4.2 million.

An options analysis considered by Members identified that grass cutting can be delivered in-house at a similar cost and level of service as outsourcing - with improvements in productivity, and working practices using improved and efficient plant and technology.

Chair of the Community Services Committee, Cllr Allan Henderson said: “Members have unanimously welcomed the decision to re-establish our grass cutting service in-house. I would like to thank staff for the speed with which this report has been brought back to committee for Members’ consideration.

“The decision to provide an in-house service will allow the Council to respond with more flexibility to changing local, national, and council priorities. The new performance management system that will be put in place will also allow better scrutiny and decision making of Amenity Services throughout our region.

“Members also welcomed the potential benefits to local economies from in-house winter services as research has shown that for every £1 spent by the Council can generate £1.64 through employment and supply chains.”


toke said...

Just stop growing so much grass in house unless you're going to smoke it all

Anonymous said...

Good to see the grass cutting service being brought back in house however with the projected budget shortfall for Highland Council over the next few years this activity will be one of the first for funding reduction. Revision of frequency maintenance schdules will be necessary to meet targets but no matter how it's perceived in real terms standards will continue to decline as other council services will always take prioity over grounds maintenance