Sunday, November 06, 2016

All over for the Fort as a military base then?

It is looking like something that for generations would have been seen as unthinkable is about to be happen -  16 years into this new millennium it indeed seems that we are looking at the end of Fort George as a military base. 



Anonymous said...

Sad day and I was one of those that signed the petition. However, the military are being hammered left, right and centre with cut backs when the world is more unstable than during the Cold War and Russia flexing a bit more than they have done in the past 3 decades. It's not only here that is seeing cutbacks. Ironically, maybe the Russian state owned radio station broadcasting from Edinburgh would have something to say about it all ;-)

Perhaps me being cynical but I bet the UK government would consider closing the vast majority of UK bases in Scotland before any further indy referendums come along, they (SNP) cant choose what they would want or not want, defence is defence, like it or leave it. If the SNP get there way regarding a referendum, it wouldn't surprise me that the ship building of HM Navy vessels on the Clyde would also move south, I know thats exactly what I would do on both accounts, close up and\or move back to the UK before any bargaining takes place. Hard possible facts that may occur or are occuring, why keep bases up here when the future is uncertain?

Still, it will remain open to the public but I cant see it taking 20 odd years to move the battalion out, Kinloss was ready to close in 2!

Jacobite said...

The fort was built to suppress us Highlanders post Culloden. Maybe we no longer pose a threat to the government in Westminster?