Friday, May 26, 2006

Message from the swan mannie

Hi, good news......the resident swans are back with 5 cygnets !
They arrived this afternoon about 3 ....i was passing the harbour when they came in....mother with all 5 on her back....they headed straight for the 2 young swans that had lost their nest, and proceeded to oust them...( i hope they find a new site).
I went down into the harbour basin and they came over to show me the brood....gave them a good feed of wholemeal bread....think it was the first bread since the 17 march when they left. the cygnets are gorgeous...and i reckon they are older than the ones last year when they arrived...probably a week old ! It's great to see them back....i think they were pleased to be back too ! enclosed pic i took this evening.

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