Monday, October 09, 2006

Achareidh Open Space Action Group (AOSAG)

Achareidh residents are fighting to keep their open space. Take a look at their web site and please consider signing their petition. This is part of the debate about what kind of a town Nairn will be, it's time to get involed citizens!

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iGone said...

Open spaces are important for any town, but will they be respected when there is so much profit to be made from building houses on every vacant plot?
Today in Nairn you can see a house being built in Nairn's Fishertown on what was the hankerchief size garden of a Fishertown cottage, or witness the major development on Lochloy Road, and if we are really lucky we will soon get the new towns at Tornagrain and Whiteness Head! Todays green space equals tomorrows housing?