Monday, September 17, 2007

Northern Crock

I've just heard Alistair Darling on Radio 4 this morning and he of the dark eyebrows has prompted me to make a blog entry, the first for some time here. Well after the first two sentences it just became the usual background noise that politicians make. It would have been more use in calming things down if they'd played some of the music you get in supermarkets. If ever there was a time for straight answers then surely this was it. It might just as well have been some council official trying to bore you to tears with reasons why you can't have a bypass in your area.
So I imagined more Northern Rock investors all over the country dropping their toast and marmalade and rushing off the the nearest branch. Maybe their money is safe, the politicians and the financial experts say it is but what might happen by dinner-time? It's a whole new ball game. If I had any cash in that bank I'd get it out, call me irrational, mad even if you like, but if you are a politician or a financial expert why don't you go and put your money in the Northern Rock - all of your money? If Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling had been sitting in deckchairs waiting for the Northern Rock to open so they could open an account then that might have done some good in restoring confidence.

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