Friday, August 12, 2016

"Cromarty wildlife is in danger" - video

Cllr Stephen Fuller sent us a link to the ship to ship oil transfer related video below


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Carol Shaw said...

A lot of us have been objecting to this since the Cromarty Port Authority put in their application. It simply makes no sense and, I suspect, they know this! I'm not sure how, right now, but we need to keep the pressure up on Scot Gov and Westminster - both of whom have been extremely quiet on this topic. So far as I am aware only John Finnie has spoken out against. There have been protests, campaigns, petitions currently they all seem to be falling on deaf ears! The application for ship-toship transfer in the Firth of Forth was rejected because the Moray Firth bottle nose dolphins visit the Firth so how can they possibly agree to allowing in the very area the Moray Firth dolphins live in? They travel past the opening of the Cormarty Firth daily going to feed in the rip tide between Chanonry Point and Fort George.