Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Confused at Gurnnurn.com asks: "Do the LibDems think Nairnshire is part of Ross-shire?"

Here at Gurn HQ the postie brought us a LibDem leaflet today and we didn't think much of it (didn't read it at all, it was destined for the blue bin) but then one of our regular readers in the West End contacted us and asked why something called "Craig Harrow's Ross-shire Summer Survey" would be delivered through his door in Nairn.  Looks suspiciously like it's been delivered all over town then. 

Perhaps we woke up today in a parallel universe and Nairn is now part of Greater Ross-shire? So, intrigued, we did something we don't usually do and paid attention to LidDem material:

"Time to do politics differently - compassionate, respectful, green and locally focused", the leaflet says. Well different perhaps but locally focused? 

What good is a survey for Ross-shire if it is going to include stats from Nairnshire?  Are Ross-shire folk getting the survey for Nairnshire?

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